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How is it possible ….

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!
I am feeling exceptionally scatter-brained today, so it’s a random thoughts edition of “How is it possible …. “

* To eat fried chicken twice in one week and still be craving it?

* To have a three day weekend and still feel not ready to be back at work?

* For the weather in Iowa to be so amazing during the end of July and beginning of August?

* That it’s the beginning of August?!?

* To clean the kitchen floor multiple times in a weekend and still have it be dirty today?

* To love an animal so much you cry just thinking about it dying.

* For a bunch of errands to take an entire afternoon?

* For some people to be so mean?

* And others be so kind?

* To sleep eight hours and still be exhausted?

I can’t hold a thought … ugh.
I hope you all have a fabulous week.
As always, thanks for stopping by and for dropping comments and emails.


  • Bob Nielsen


    I can eat fried chicken 3 times in one week and still crave it! And, I cry thinking about my cat Bow, who my wife & I love to death, dying. As to the weather, I can't understand that either!

  • Lisa

    I totally agree on the cleaning of the floor – maybe its the time of the year? I'm sure my golden retriever Jake doesn't help with the situation, or my kids either! :-) And how about some watermelon and potato salad with that fried chicken to really make it summer? Hope to see you at the fair!! Thanks for blogging, we LOVE reading your comments!!!

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