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Good morning.
It would seem there just wasn’t enough room to tell you all the news we found interesting this morning so here are a few items we had, and a few we didn’t put into our show this morning.

-Honor Flight
more than 226 thousand Iowans served in World War Two. This generation’s story is more compelling to me than almost any other. I can’t seem to get enough of it. My bookshelf at home is lined, mostly with world war two histories. In fact, last night I just finished a history of the Battle of Britain called With Wings Like Eagles. Good book…but I digress.
This morning more than 300 Iowa veterans were able to go to Washington D-C to see the World War Two Memorial Dedicated to their service. More important, it seems, to all of these men and women, is the fact that it honors the men and women who never came home.

-The President is holding a Town Hall style meeting on health care in New Hampshire today. Ya think anyone who’s going to yell at the President will get into the meeting? I doubt it. Not that they should. I feel like there should be people in there who have honest concerns about the Administration’s Health Care Plan. Too bad we’re probably going to see pre-screened softballs for the President to Hit out of the park.

-There was a substantial reduction in the sale of tobacco to minors according to the USA Today.

-Women make their own Glass Ceiling? That’s what a new study says. It basically says women sell themselves short. Their supervisors rate women much higher than the women themselves believe they are valued (does that make sense?). In short women are not good self promoters

-Should a Bride take her husband’s name? 70 percent of people in a recent study think so. Anyone have a strong objection? I am as proud to be a member of my wife’s family as I believe she is of mine. My kids will know what it is to “be a Rosenthal” as much as they know their Dix family history. My wife took her maiden name as her middle name when we married. I know a lot of women who’ve done that as well.
-Eunice Kennedy Shriver died today. Her work to establish the Special Olympics can’t be measured. A group that included her own sister, once relegated to institutions and wild medical experimentation are now viewed as production members of our communities. If you’ve ever worked with special Olympians, you know they teach you a lot more than you ever give them.

-A friend wrote to ask if I could help her convince her parents that President Obama is, in fact a citizen of the United States. With the Help of our friends from The Daily Show…

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