Ted Kennedy, Facebook Friends and Food

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Good morning everyone. It’s been a while since I have taken the helm of the Morning Buzz… so it is good to be back. Patrick had to take care of some other things this morning so you are left with me.

Remembering Ted Kennedy
This morning we got the news Ted Kennedy died overnight at his home in Massachusetts. It wasn’t a total shock because we knew he was very ill. I think Kennedy was one of those public figures you either loved or loathed because of his politics and perhaps because of his tumultuous past. But this morning there are a lot of kind words coming in from people on both sides of the aisle about his years as a public servant in the US Senate. I didn’t know this… but he is actually the second longest serving Senator in US history.

I was reading some other articles on the life of Ted Kennedy this morning and was surprised by some of the things I never knew about him. Like many in his family… his life was nearly cut short by a plane accident. He and two others were flying a small plane in the late ’60’s when it crashed. He was the only one to walk away… but sustained injuries that caused him problems his entire life. He also has a son who battled cancer and had to have his leg amputated at a very young age. It’s clear Ted Kennedy has dealt with a lot of heartbreak during his life.

Ted Kennedy was 77 years old.

Facebook Fatigue?
I read this article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday and it really resonated with me. It was written by one of the paper’s columnist and she titles it, “How Facebook Ruins Friendships.” Sound counter intuitive? Well, some of the things the author writes, should be a warning to some of us who spend a time on this social networking sight. (And, there are a lot of us who spend a lot of time on it!) I think the article was meant to be a little bit funny, but it also made me think that Facebook, although a great tool I enjoy, can also be bad for us.

Here are some of her key points:

*Facebook can replace talking on the phone. This can be bad because instead of having real conversations about things that are happening in our lives, we simplify our lives by posting just a few words about what we are doing. And these posting are often watered down and often mundane and self-centered.

*We are not saying much that is interesting

*We are mucking up friendships by CONSTANTLY posting annoying things like, “I just had a bowl of cereal for breakfast.” And enough with the Mafia games and “What member of the Adams Family do you most resemble?” game!

I love Facebook and I love catching up with old friends and seeing pictures of my college roommate’s children, but I think there is an important reminder about keeping your friendships alive by not letting Facebook be the only way you communicate.

What’s for Dinner?
Megan Salois is filling in for Jeriann this week and It seems like whenever we work together the conversation during commercial breaks turns to food. We both LOVE to cook and she’s always giving me good recipes to try out. This morning she was describing a Chicken Buffalo Sandwich she made that is leaving my mouth watering. And the best part — it’s simple. She said she put four chicken breast in the crock pot on low with a bottle of buffalo wing sauce and a packet of ranch dressing. She let it cook on low all day and then shredded it and put it on a bun with a little ranch dressing. I love buffalo wing sauce, so I think I am going to give this a try today.

Another recipe I would like to share comes from my Italian neighbor who grows the best tomatoes. He told me to chop up 3 or 4 tomatoes, half a cucumber (into small pieces and without the seeds) and some onion. Then add fresh basil and pour in enough vegetable oil to cover it. Let is sit overnight and the next day you will not be disappointed by the flavor. I made it and put it on toasted bread as bruschetta. Delicious!

Hope you have a great day!



  • C-Marshalltown

    I think the chicken recipe sounds great but I have one question – the packet of ranch dressing, is that the prepared ranch dressing that goes right on a salad or the packet of dry ranch seasoning that you use to make ranch dressing?

    Have a great day.

  • Megan

    Hey C! It's a packet of dry ranch seasoning. My husband then dipped the whole sandwich in ranch dressing with each bite :) He loves his ranch dressing! I found the recipe at allrecipes.com… so I need to give that website the credit! I'm a huge fan of that site.

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