New Casino, New Distraction, and Highbrow

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Good Morning!
I started my day being called “highbrow”.
So be it. I’ve been accused of being a lot worse.
If we seem, at times, like we’re looking down our noses at some of the stories that sneak their way into our show…we are. I’m OK with that.
If reality TV stars and gossip is what you want there are several good shows that Mario Lopez or some other child star is hosting. It’s cotton candy…it’s the dirty novel you bring to read while vacationing on the beach. It’s not news.
There is no shortage of actual news stories that are important to pretty much everyone watching us right now. They’re harder to understand and I get that some people don’t want to think that hard when they watch us. If it comes out sounding too complicated and gets caught up in the cobwebs our viewers are shaking out of their heads in the morning…we haven’t done our job. Our job is to take that complicated story and make it relevant and easy to understand. Let me be the first to admit…we don’t always hit the mark.
I am the last person who would claim to be perfect…and I’m not smart.
That said, to me, the fun is in trying to get better…not trying to grab the lowest common denominator. That’s just me.

To the actual News

Here’s one that effects almost everyone. As we told you a few years ago…Prairie Meadows money is poured into government and private organizations in Polk County. The idea of splitting the license that allows Prairie Meadows to operate and allowing another casino in Polk county is one I’d want to take a much closer look into.
I think I’ve written here before, a second Casino isn’t being proposed for the good of Polk County. Someone wants to make some money. Good for them.
If it takes a dollar away from the programs that benefit from Prairie Meadows or from keeping my property taxes lower, someone will have to explain to me how that is “serving” the people of Polk County.

Agree or disagree with his politics, I think you can see how many people genuinely liked Sen Ted Kennedy.
I had a thought as I was looking at the old photos of the Kennedy boys in all these news stories yesterday. What if JFK had lived? What about his brother Bobby? How would Vietnam have turned out, Kennedy got us involved in the first place. How would it have changed the national mood? Would Nixon Have run again if he’d had to run against Bobby Kennedy? How would their presence have effected Ronald Regan and his rise in the Republican Party?

Anyone else ready to go over to Southridge mall and climb into that boat they’re building for the movie Blackbeard? I have to admit, I like the rain and the way it’s making my lawn look. It means we’re going to have a great fall for golf. The fairways are going to be green and lush not brown and dry. Can’t wait to play this weekend

FFB/New Distraction
If you haven’t seen Murph’s blog this week, read it. He’s got a link to a site that will generate a fantasy football team name for you. I have started the draft for one of the two leagues I play in. The second is this Saturday. I may be renaming my team with this tool.

Zach is paired with Tiger the first two rounds of the Barclay’s. It’s the first week of the Fedex Cup Playoffs.

Urbandale’s team comes home tonight at seven then there’s a reception at one this Saturday for the team. I hope a lot of people show up to let these kids know how proud we all are of them.

Clean up in Aisle 4
I think fi I weren’t married I’d be one of those people who the fire Department finds sitting in a Barka lounger among piled of old newspapers and magazines. I keep everything and my desk looks like it. It’s ugly. So anyway, I spilled a full cup of coffee on my desk this morning and ruined most of the stuff I had piled up there. So I just threw most of it out. The good news is the right side of my desk is clear.

So anyway I’m going to go find another cup of coffee….
Have a good one


  • Sassy

    I personally feel that it is getting harder to find “actual news” on The Today Show! I am tired of the incessant Gosselin interviews and who may be the latest contestant vying for the title of the real father of Michael Jackson's children, etc. They have a fourth hour, and this kind of stuff can air on it. Get back to the news! At least when 13 presents it, a wiggle of the eyebrows lets us know that you don't think it is highly important.

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