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Iowa Nielsen Market Rankings

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Iowans had better start having babies. Nielsen…you know, the ones who send you those letters to get you to keep track of what tv shows you watch…they just came out with their rankings of local tv stations across the country. There are 210 “market sizes” with 210 being the smallest. New York remains the nation’s largest market with about 7.5 million households. The bigger the market size, the more households to watch tv, and the more tv stations can charge advertisers. (And the more stations can pay its employees!)

Iowa markets are losing ground, since the state’s population isn’t growing fast enough. Here’s the full report:

Here’s the Iowa situation:

Des Moines #72. Down one spot. Honolulu passed up the capitol city since last year.
Cedar Rapids/Waterloo #88. Stayed the same, despite the flooding situation.
Quad Cities #99. Down two spots. Charleston, S.C. and El Paso are now ahead of the QC.
Sioux City #148. Up one.
Ottumwa #200. Stayed the same.

So, Iowans, cue up Barry White.

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  • Jeffrey7500

    Three reasons that people keep moving out of Iowa are the lack of high-paying jobs, the high taxes, and the weather. Two of the things could be fixed with a new legislature and a new governor, but we're stuck with the weather.

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