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When The President Speaks, Punk, and Don’t be Angry

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Good Morning,
(See Wednesday’s final comment before reading)
Don’t be angry with me Lorrie. We just missed updating the Blog Yesterday.
The last post was Wednesday, the previous post says Friday, but it was actually posted Monday. The date stamp on this thing isn’t always right, but you are right. I’ve taken to updating the blog, only when I’ve got something to say. I enjoy writing this but it seems like an exercise in ego most of the time because no one comments. I actually want to write about the things you find interesting. I can tell you what I find interesting or spout off like I did today, but in the end, feedback will feed the blog.
That and stupid stuff…which we’ve got a lot of today.

When the President Speaks
So the President was/is set to give two big speeches next week. The first is the one you know about. It’s to those men and women in Congress. He’s going to try to get some agreement on Healthcare reform. The thing Lawmakers want to hear is some specifics. What does the President want? On a related note the President is looking forward to a much easier assignment next week…Herding Cats.

The speech you may just be hearing about this morning is the one the President wants to make to schoolkids. The White House staff is presenting this as a chance for the President to encourage kids to stay in school, pay attention in class, maybe set a few goals for the year. The Political Right went nuts yesterday. I read someone’s quote this morning saying that this was the President’s attempt to indoctrinate all American school kids to the “President’s Socialist agenda.” Glen Beck suggested the President would try to slip in subliminal messages (watch today in Iowa) on health care into his speech.
A couple of things here. The first is, this one is payback. Democrats went nuts when the first President Bush (41) tried to do the same thing…They called it a waste of taxpayer money. To me, this feels a little bit more like payback and a little bit less like it has anything to do with what the president is actually going to say.
Second, who cares what he says? I want to talk to the parents who feel like this isn’t an opportunity to teach and connect with their child on any number of subjects. Even if the President starts spouting off on Health care, or Teacher pay or Making sure we punish all rich people…Why wouldn’t you talk to your kids about it?

Dad: Hey Jimmy, what did you learn in school today?
Jimmy: We learned Oil is bad, and Republicans are trying to ruin the environment
Dad: Whoa there Jimmy…what do you think of those statements?…They sound kind of extreme to me!

When did it become a bad thing to consider more than one idea in this country? Why are people so scared to listen to each other, consider someone else’s point of view and then reconsider their own opinion. That doesn’t mean change your opinion. It may strengthen your own convictions to hear the other side of an argument.
I’m reading about school districts across the country giving parents the option of pulling their kid out of class that day. We got an email claiming on District is BANNING the speech from classrooms. I’m sorry, we’re going to ban kids from hearing from the President? I imagine getting my teenagers to watch the State of the Union with me in a few years is going to be like pulling teeth! This is a chance to open a conversation. TO TEACH!!!!!
Finally, President Obama is the President of the United States. If there is no other lesson in this for our kids, it should be respect for the office.

Oregon’s running back Lagarrette Blount decided to give us all a lesson in how to be a total PUNK. After his team lost to Boisie State, He hit a Boise State Defensman with a cheap shot to the jaw. After backing up like he’s just knocked Mike Tyson down in Vegas, Punk-Blount decided to run off the field.
Apparently he has the memory of a gypsy moth.
Chicken little brain forgot he was in deep doo-doo already and decided to get into it with the fans. The Security Guards and his own coaches had to restrain the guy. Add to all of this, Blount hit the guy while he (Blount) still had his helmet on! You know he’s not going to hit you back and if he does….he’s gonna hit your helmet.
Here’s another example of something a lot of people “don’t want their kids to see”. I disagree, and may follow the lead of some good friends who talk to their kids about this stuff when it comes up in the headlines. They use it as a way to teach their kids what not to do.

-Congrats to Iowa State, Good Luck Hawks and Panthers…and Bulldogs…
It’s going to take some sort of natural disaster for my Missouri Tigers to beat Illinois this year.
I’ll watch anyway.

Spent the afternoon on the golf course Thursday. Thanks to my wife for taking the boys in the afternoon when they’re usually my responsibility. I need to get into some sort of shape for this golf trip. Thirty six holes of golf for five days …and I still have a wicked slice…

Hey, Have a good day, and remember…comment, write us an email, whatever. We want to talk about the subjects you want to hear about on this blog.

Have a good one


  • weave30

    I totally agree with you. Why wouldn't you want your children to listen to the President speak. So you don't agree with him so what. Our children deserve a well rounded education and if that means the are supjected to unpleasant topics, it just means they are getting ready for the real world. Because we all know that can be unpleasant.

  • BabyVarcoe

    I read your blog everyday! I just fail to comment. But I will today…Punk sums up that football player. Punch and run – really cool, you lost get over it. Also Oregon's uniforms – REALLY?!

    Does anyone actually watch/listen to the President's speeches…boring. Have a great weekend!

  • Steve

    This does NOT excuse what happened with that moron football player, but supposedly the player from Boise St. that he hit had called him the “N” word. Emphasis on “supposedly”, as all that is just second-hand information. Regardless, he has hadd off-field behavior issues, now this outburst…boot him from school.

    In regards to the Obama speech, I absolutely agree with Pat. As a parent, why wouldn't you talk to your children afterwards? I lean right in the political spectrum, but a lot of Republicans out there act as if a government-sponsored mind control program is going into effect. Give me a break.

  • Patrick Dix

    Heard on the Dan Patrick Show this morning the Oregon player had said some time in the past they were going to give BSt a #$$ Whoopin.
    The BSt kid (according to DP) looked at the Oregon running back and said…”guess you owe us two #$$ woopins now”…
    Still no excuse.
    Thanks for the comments. You don't have to agree to comment BTW.
    We do not condone mind control here.

  • Kathy

    I tend to lean a little more right as well, and will talk to my child about the presidential address. But where my concern, and I think where others MAY be is that many times, when politics are brought up in the class room, the teacher's views are what are being taught vs both sides. I know this was the case when I was in HS 16 years ago, and it can cause a learning curve. As far as the Oregon/Boise State game, the PUNK deserves to be expelled. There is NEVER an excuse for this type of behavior, and athletes need to realize that playing college ball is a privelege, not a right. BTW ~ I read the blog daily, just don't comment…..

  • lorrie

    Pat, I'm not mad at you. I enjoy reading your blog. I'm not sure how I feel yet about the president speaking (preaching) to students. I believe that in the end, the students are going to hear the teachers feelings on the speech, instead of the Presidents. Have a great weekend!

  • Patrick Dix

    One more thing I forgot. If you want to weed out all the Hawk fans screeming words that would make a sailor blush …here's the info:

    Those wishing to report issues should address the text to 97178, then type the word ALERT followed by the issue and the location. The text message is received by UI staffers, who will dispatch the appropriate response to the issue.

  • dixk

    Okay Iowans… I've never done this. Patrick is my brother. I live in Illinois. I am a third grade teacher. I can't help but put my two sense in on the Obama speech subject! A GOOD teacher (Kathy) would NEVER force their own views on their students!!! If that's what your child's teacher is doing….. work to get rid of him/her!!! That's not his/her job!!! It's to teach your child to THINK for themselves. To consider all points of view, pick one, and defend it!!! And Lorrie… if the students “hear the presidents views on the subject” of education… well… isn't that the point? It's what happens AFTER the speech that matters!!!! PLEASE PEOPLE!!! THINK FOR YOURSELVES… honor the Bill of Rights… freedom of speech… including the freedom to THINK for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!! GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • on deck

    CMON my kids had to listen to back to school speeches from Regan and Bush Sr. – we didn't wimper and whine because they were republicans
    Suck it up and sdtop acting so juvenile.

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