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Steve King Supports Joe Wilson

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Iowa Congressman Steve King is backing up the fellow Republican who has become famous or infamous for his shout, “you’re a liar”, to President Obama during his address to Congress last week. The Politico reports King is sending around a letter to gather supporters to back South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson as Democrats look to punish him for his remark.

Here’s the clip of the prez using the “lie” word and Wilson later adding his own use:


  • Anonymous

    Dave — when you put “you're a liar” you make your story inaccurate. Joe Wilson actually said “you lie”. Just want to make sure you are being accurate in your job as a reporter.

  • Matt

    Whatever Anonymous. You fascist liberals spent 8 years heckling, jeering, slandering, and smearing George Bush. Now, in an outrageous display of smirking, condescending, elitist hypocrisy, you scream about two little but very truthful words about the whitewash job we were being given. It's like you can't machine gun us down like the good old days of Stalin and Mao, so you'll silence us by saying anything you got to say. Whether guns or demogoguery, it's still thug mafia behavior – the eternal constant in leftist politics.

  • Anonymous

    Now come on Matt…are we fascists, or socialists?…cause we can't be both. Aww, forget it. It's obvious you don't know the difference anyway. It's just a term to use when you don't agree with someone elses' politics.
    And he was not right…it was proven that the bill does not include coverage for illegal immigrants. You need to get your facts somewhere other than Limbaugh or Beck. And even in our disapproval of Bush, no democratic senator EVER showed that kind of disrespect on the floor of congress during one of his speeches.

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