Celebrities behaving badly, Remembering Patrick Swayze and my vacation

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Good morning everyone! It’s Brooke today, not Pat. After a week of vacation… I am back at work and trying to get back on a schedule which includes going to bed early. I thought I was rested until I got just 5 hours of sleep Sunday night. I guess all that rest is out the window – just an occupational hazard, right? At any rate, I am actually really glad to be back. Most of the time, it feels like vacation just flies by. But this time, I feel like I had enough time off and got lots of things accomplished. I had a lot of fun, too. I’ll get to some of the highlights later.

Kanye Behaving Badly
But first… have you been following this Kanye West thing? It was actually a little hard for me watching the video of him bursting onto the stage Sunday night and interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. So awkward. Patrick thinks it was a publicity stunt so Jay Leno would have something really good when he interviewed him on his first night. Maybe. But I don’t think this makes anyone want to go out and buy a Kanye West song. Kanye apologized.

Patrick Swayze
Dirty Dancing is one of my “comfort” movies. You know… the one you like to watch after a rough day and you don’t want to have to think… you just want to be entertained. I think for a lot of people my age, it’s also nostalgic. It reminds me of high school days and all the fun and freedom of those days. Anyway, I was sad to hear about Patrick Swayze’s death. He really was talented even if some of his movies got panned. But I think my favorite Patrick moment was on Saturday Night Live. The dancing skit with Chris Farley was classic. You can’t help but laugh when you watch it.

One of the highlights of my vacation was celebrating my wedding anniversary. My husband and I spent the day doing some of the things we enjoy most. Getting a message, eating cake and going to the movie. In years past, we’ve gone on elaborate trips and had fancy dinners, but I think this year was my favorite. We started at noon by skipping lunch and instead eating this delicious cake I ordered from a place called Sweet Binney’s. OMG! It was to die for. It was pistachio flavored with cream filling and nuts on the side of the cake. Usually cake frosting is a little too sweet for me (you know… the kind made with sugar and crisco) but this was fluffy and buttery. We also had some champagne… which was a nice treat… especially at noon! Then we watched our wedding video and then had a couples message at Sahar’s which I highly recommend. After that, we went to the movies and later had dinner at the place where we had our first dinner date. It’s a little place in Beaverdale called Marino’s. Talk about a fun day. I think after you have a child, you start to appreciate the simple things in life that you used to take for granted when you were so free. Like going to the movies!

I am almost embarrassed to admit this last part, but another highlight was going to the Brittney Spears concert. Eric’s and my friend Doug VanWyk is a personal trainer at Gym/Fx downtown and got some free tickets from some of Brittney’s dancers when they worked out at the gym while they were in Des Moines. So, he invited us along. It ended up being a fun night although I only recognized one of her songs. Maybe this is a good thing. She clearly didn’t sing (lip syncing the whole time) and her outfits made me blush a little, but the production and dancing was wild. Definitely worth seeing. We even got to meet some of the dancers after the show. Hopefully Doug will send some of the pictures so I can share them. One of her dancers was born without legs but started the show with an amazing trampoline routine that got a lot of reaction from the crowd. Very inspiring.

Ok… I am out of here. See you tomorrow.