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The Boss and holding on to summer

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Good morning everyone! When I was getting into the shower this morning before coming to work it hit me that I haven’t done the blog the past two days. Sometimes I forget to do it when Patrick is on vacation. Don’t know what triggered that thought at 3 a.m., but at least it helped me remember to do it today!

Speaking of getting up early this morning. I didn’t exactly get much sleep last night. In fact, it was more like a nap. That’s because Eric and I had an old friend fly into town yesterday and we all went to the Bruce Springsteen concert. It was a LATE night. In fact, the Boss didn’t sing his last song until about 11:30. I don’t think I have ever done the morning show on such a small amount of zzzzs… but I think I did ok. I don’t usually go out on a school night, but I guess you have to live every now and then, right.

Ok… so I am no the kind of Springsteen fan who can sing along with all his songs… but last night it didn’t matter. If you didn’t know a single song, you still would have enjoyed the concert. The man can sing and the E-Street Band can play. The guy turns 60 in a couple of days and he played for 3 hours straight. I think what made this one of my favorite concerts is that you could tell he had fun performing and he gave it his all! Like it was his first concert. Thank you Bruce!

So… today is the official end of summer and the weather will make it feel like fall. I am not ready for the change of season quite yet. And I think I finally figured out why I am not looking forward to cooler temperatures like I usually do. In one word: Evan. I am already freaking out about how I am going to handle this energetic two year old inside the confines of 2,000 square feet. I might need to invest in some really good toddler snow gear. Any suggestions for keeping your sanity and your children busy when the weather gets bad?

Well… that’s all for now. It’s just me again tomorrow. Pat’s still golfing with friends. Enjoy the day. I plan to take a really long nap today thanks to a friend who is helping me with Evan today.



  • Brenda

    The library for reading time, a mommy&me class, the gym…he can walk with you around the gym!! The malls have playground equipment …a play in the park, read a book by the fireplace at Jordan creek &do a walk around. The park or backyard is wonderful in the winter snow…they can make snow angels, snow forts, use beach buckets to pile snow, McDonalds picnic at the park!!! Hot choclate and popcorn at the park. The zoo…alot of theatres have movies during the day for cheap..a walk in the skywalk, meet with friends for playtime at McDonalds …it won't hurt once in awhile to have fast food!! Cook with your child!! They lover rolling cookie dough in sugar then flattening down. pie dough rolled out then cooked..kids love it. How about visiting a care center with your child. Bring some apples or oranges to share with the people who live there. Go with friends! Paint, use puffy paints, make edible play dough, crafts galore at michael's!anything with mommy or daddy is great! swimming at the Y..you don't need to entertain 24 hrs a day..they need alone time too. chk into a hotel for a weekend to swim..collect leaves, book stores for story time, have a party for his friends..just because!! Do a fun craft then. what ever you choose to do HAVE FUN!! they are little for such a short time.

  • Steve

    How cool you got to see the boss! I like a lot of his stuff, but his music catalogue is pretty big, so I don't know it all, but whenever I hear his stuff on XM radio or elsewhere, I love to hear it.

    I watrched the whole show this morning, and you did great for being a zombie! :)

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