Scattershot Thoughts for September 28th

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  • That’s why the Vikings signed Brett Favre.
  • I’m all for democracy, but Fox 17 is going to have to take voting rights away from the people if they’re going to pick a dog like Packers-Rams over 49ers-Vikings. It seemed bad from the start, and got worse when the Vikings home opener ended with one of the most exciting plays in franchise history. Come on fans, live up to KDSM’s trust!
  • When the Sunday Night Football game ends, can NBC please just wrap it up quickly?! Do we need more analysis after five hours of it?
  • I really like this Iowa Hawkeye football team. That was no fluke at Penn State. The Hawks gave up a touchdown on the first play, and then DOMINATED. Norm Parker’s defense is the best in the Big Ten.
  • Make it 7 of the past 8 for Kirk Ferentz against Joe Paterno. Iowa looked so smart and well coached at Penn State, the broadcasters couldn’t stop talking about it.
  • I think this was the biggest win of the Ferentz era. Unlike the others, there is no previous loss, so it’s all still out there for Iowa. (Vote your choice on our Web poll.)
  • Hawk fans are going to go bonkers, and they should. This is the fun part.
  • Big Ten quarterbacks will see Adrian Clayborn in their nightmares.
  • Here’s how credible the coaches top 25 poll is: Penn State is ranked four spots higher than Iowa.
  • Don’t look now but Iowa State is 3-1. Check that, go ahead and look. Iowa State is slowly improving—something it didn’t do last year—and a win against beatable K-State Saturday would leave ISU two wins from bowl eligibility.
  • Great job by Iowa State honoring Army Saturday night. Several goose-bump moments.
  • Why isn’t there a Steak-N-Shake in Central Iowa?
  • I hope the Iowa Barnstormers move up without losing their fans. Affordability, fun, and football are the three main draws at Stormer games.
  • I think I was the only person in Iowa not at the Dave Matthews Band concert.
  • I was at Bruce. That was a great show. Best I’ve seen from Springsteen. And he turned 60 two days later.
  • Smart move by Harrison Barnes. Announce your college choice before the season, concentrate on Ames winning another state championship.


  • Geoff Wood

    Something else to take note of at I-State is the attendance, thus far.

    The crowd was rocking on Saturday and it's a third straight 50k+ game (which I think is great for any school recovering post-Chizik).

  • Hawkeyemkn

    I think the 2002 game at Michigan was the biggest win in the Ferentz era. It really told the nation Iowa under Coach Ferentz was for real. If I remember my stats correct, the 25 point win at Michigan was the biggest defeat the Wolverines had suffered in the Big House in something like 25-30 years.

  • mcbrewski

    Murphy, have you tried Sonic? It's just as terrible as Steak 'N' Shake. Plus, they start serving lunch at like 6 AM or something.
    And people remember- that was a hugely overrated Penn State team. I mean, they lost a lot of guys from last year. As for going undefeated- when was the last time Iowa won AT Ohio State? Has there ever been a team to go undefeated that doesn't have an amazing Quarterback (Iowa does not)?

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