Cuts, Annoying Words, and The Bet

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Good Morning!
I’m off today…I have been all morning. I swear to God I almost fell in the shower three times this morning. Not sure exactly what’s going on beyond the normal lack of sleep but I’m fighting through it.

Budget Cuts

Well, it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better here in Iowa anytime soon. $415 million is a lot to make up in the state budget. I feel badly for the state employees who will have to worry about losing their jobs. The next weeks and months will be tense and an uncertain future is about the last thing any of us want right now. That said, the leadership might have looked at this a little more closely when making the budget for this year. Here’s a personal example. If we didn’t have to go to Maine for this wedding, Sally and I would not have planned any travel this Fall. It’s just not prudent to spend money on things you “want” when you might not have enough for the things you need.

Paperless Tickets
If you are going to the Miley Cyrus Concert tomorrow night…leave early. I hope there won’t be problems but there is the potential for some. The Wells Fargo Arena is doing it’s first fully “paperless” tickets for the concert. You purchased the tickets with a credit card and you will need the card and an ID for the person who’s name is on the card to get the tickets. If you bought the tickets as a gift…you have to keep on giving…of your time. Go down to the Arena at 5pm and you can get your friends in with your ID and credit card.

I like the idea, thought I think it needs some refining. This all started when scalpers were getting like $2500 for Miley Cyrus Tickets last year. Promoters think this will cut down on people buying blocks of tickets then scalping them for higher prices. Maybe this will carry over into sports and we could actually get Cubs Tickets for face value.

Connick JR says this is no joke
And I would agree. Did you see the Today show this morning. Harry Connick Jr appeared as a judge on an Australian variety show and this was the outcome:

Next time I feel bad about the trash we put on TV here in the US, all I have to do is remind myself it’s MUCH worse around the globe. I don’t even know what to say to that.

ISU Solar Decathlon
Did you see the ISU student we had on from the Solar Decathlon competition. If you had any doubts that ISU is turning out the leaders of a generation that will transform the way we use energy…this should put them to rest. The team took two years to build a solar powered home. The took it apart, got it to Washington DC and reassembled it. Here’s more info on the competition.

Annoying Words
What are the most annoying words you hear each day. Brooke said it was the word “like” sprinkled through conversations. I’d agree with that. I’m interested to hear your suggestions though. What word or phrase do you hate to hear each day that annoys you?…I want responses here! Here’s the full Marist College Survey raw results

The Bet
Sports is going to be a big focus for me this weekend. the President’s Cup is on NBC so I’ll be watching a lot of that, but it all starts tonight with the Nebraska Missouri game. The game will probably determine who wins the Big 12 North so I had to make a small wager with Husker Superfan Erin Kiernan. If Mizzou wins she has to wear some Missouri gear on the are…and visa versa for me. So watch tomorrow morning to see who won! Go Tigers!

Marrying in the Mud in Maine
The tales from Maine continue this morning with a report on the bravery of my wife’s cousin Taryn and her now Husband John. they had a idyllic setting for an outdoor wedding in Maine…on the water…it was perfect. Then it rained…all day. Not once did I hear either of them complain. The rolled with the changes all day and had what I thought was a lovely wedding.

Their ceremony was simple but was very personal. It could only have belonged to these two people. The reception featured some great food including pork tenderloin with a chipotle blueberry sauce on the side. Who knew I’d need to go to Maine to find a new recipe for pork!

The rain kept coming down outside the tent but the ground around us kept soaking it up. by the end of the night heels were sinking into the ground that there was some mud. We left just before a huger downpour. Sally’s Mom said the only safe place was the dace floor. The rest of the area around it was flooded…so people just got up and danced! A lot of people would have let that ruin their day. Not Taryn and John. They’re a great couple. Glad to welcome John into the Rosenthal Outlaws!

One more story. We walked up the street to Walker’s Point where the Bush Family has it’s compound. WOW. What a place! We actually saw Mrs Bush walking their dogs and President Bush flew past us in his boat on the way in from a ride. Pretty cool…he had a Secret Service boat trailing him.
This picture is of us just after we dipped the boys toes in the Atlantic. Now all we have to do is get them out to LA to see Auntie Kay and they can say they’ve been in the Atlantic, Pacific and The Gulf of Mexico.

Overall a really nice weekend full of fun memories.
Have a good one


  • C-Marshalltown

    Oh my goodness – I have a word that drives me out of my mind. Of course it doesn't bother my husband at all so I might be a little off letting it bother me so much but….

    We are both in our 50's and we walked into a restaurant in Cedar Rapids, the hostess said, “HI GUYS”. Went to our table the waitress said, “HI GUYS”. Later that evening went to Dairy Queen and the young person behind the counter said ” HI GUYS”.

    I CAN'T STAND IT. I am not a guy but I am old enough to be their grandmother. Maybe it's a generation thing but I would never say that to my elder.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me get that out.

    The boys looks great. Growing like crazy.

  • Karen

    Patrick, Why are so upset with the Australian show? Blacks make fun of whites and that is okay. Harry Connick Jr. was dressed up as a black preacher and making fun. I say hypocrites.

    Anyone have any memories of Dic Youngs to share?


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