Chilling October

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Hey… it’s been a while. Sorry so many have been on the email and special request line on it has taken a while to get back in a rhythm on the blog site.

Our October has been a cold and rather dreary month. We are way over the average for rainfall… 2.27″ of rainfall so far and that compares to 1.58 as an average between Oct. 1 and Oct. 19.

The cold air has been the big shocker. With all the rainfall our clouds have been a constant companion. Those clouds are also the shade to the warmth of the sun.

Here are some of the numbers for the cold October….

Des Moines…Record Cold October

45.8 …. 2009
47.8 …. 1952
49.5 …. 1925
50.2 …. 1959/1977

Usually the temperature records are set by just a degree or maybe a fraction of a degree. The last record was 2 degrees below the old record. This is substantial cooling. We are really watching a much cooler trend that started back in the late 1990s. There is so much talk of global warming or climate change in the news. Here it is really much cooler.

The highs today and tomorrow will be above the average… but there is more rain and cooler temperatures coming our way with a cold front on Wednesday. That front will become stationary and we will see cooler than normal temperatures.

Enjoy the day… get out and get some of those fall chores finished before we hit the next round of rain.