Deployment, H1N1 and Hoax

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Good Morning!
Thankfully it was a quiet weekend after another busy week. We’re going to ramp it up again in our house over the next few weekends but that’s just the time of year. Between now and Christmas I think we’ve got two weekends where we are not hosting someone or are already booked up with plans. FOR ALL FAMILY READING THIS…WE ARE HAPPY TO HAVE PEOPLE HERE>>>WE LOVE YOU A LOT. Please don’t read any complaint in the reality of our schedule. It’s great to have people here, to fuss over the kids and mostly to enjoy their company.

The News:
Our friends at The Des Moines Register got the exclusive this morning…The Iowa National Guard is preparing for it’s largest overseas deployment since World War Two. The 34th Infantry Division’s second Brigade will be called to go overseas according to the report. We should get more details from The Guard this week. i do not envy the families of the men and women who serve the Guard, but I will say over and over again how much I appreciate their service.

Don’t get mad at the Polk County Health Department. They’re handing out the H1N1 flu vaccine as fast as they can. They’ve had three shipments and all three are gone.
We are continuing the debate over vaccination/no vaccination in our house. I’ve heard Doctors say to get it, and I’ve heard Doctors say don’t get it. I continue to believe that the risk of getting a vaccine is less than the risk of my twins getting sick with H1N1. If I didn’t do it and my child died because I made that choice for them, I don’t know if I could forgive myself.
BTW, you know how much I love to read the emails that come into Here’s one that caught my eye. It’s about H1N1.

It’s 10:32 AM Sunday. If you will go outside right now and look at the sky north and south you can see planes way up in the atmosphere going from the east to the west. It looks like a plowed field. The vapor trail are different becauuse instead of just finally disappearing they ar spreading out over the entire sky. This exactly how the video that Ron Paul is in shows that they are seeding the atmosphere with someting. You may think this is a joke but just wait and see if the flu gets a lot worse or the strain changes.

My wife thinks I should call Ron Paul’s office just to see what he says about being lumped into this email.
I will call on my “play the tape to the end” logic to address this.
So, Someone actually believes that the government is seeding the skies with H1N1 flu to get us all sick? To what end? To kill some of us off? Is there some secret society of people who are being told about this beforehand so they don’t get sick? If so, Where do I sign up? Is there a secret handshake? If I can’t make the meetings is there some sort of public service I can do to make up for it? Will there be coffee at the meetings? Are there dues?
I’m upset I didn’t make the first cut list of people in the Secret Cloud Seeding Society.

Good to see Prosecutors are on the Balloon Boy hoax in Colorado. Anyone else feel like this one borders on child abuse if the allegations are true? If this is true, and proven in court, I hope they throw the book at the Heenes. Maybe then there will be some disincentive to making a total idiot out of yourself…just to get a reality show.

I have to go to a meeting for an event I’m hosting later in the week. I’ll give you some more details tomorrow if anyone needs plans for Friday night.
Have a good one!