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Flu Clinic, Football Weekend and A Big Thank You!

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Good morning and welcome to Monday
I win the idiot award for the weekend. It seemed everything I touched, I broke. We went oput to the Polk Co immunization clinic around Noon and as I was backing out of the driveway I forgot our second car was parked down the driveway. I didn’t hit it hard, but it was hard enough to crack the bumper of the our Civic. Nobody got hurt and the damage was minimal, but I think many of you will understand when I say, I just feel like and idiot. Then I was cleaning out our bird feeder (there may be nothing more disgusting than a crusty bird feeder) and as I was gripping the plastic to shake some of the water out, I cracked the plastic. Glue will likely seal it up but again…idiot.
We’ll hope the week starts out better.

Flu Clinics
As I mentioned we went out the flu clinic at Noon to see if we could get the boys a shot. We quickly realized we weren’t even going to come close. The line was out the Varied Industries Building, Around the corner by the Grand Avenue Exit, Down that whole block to where the DART busses drop shuttles off at the Fair and around another corner up the street. There had to be a thousand people in line by the time we got there. Please read no blame of anyone else for our tardy arrival. We were late and knew it was a long shot we’d get the boys vaccinated.
I have a couple of observations.
First, the line was moving well. Anyone who got in, it sounds like, got treated quickly and efficiently. I would disagree with anyone who says Polk County didn’t do it’s planning work. they did. I would say maybe they need to simply add on for more efficiency.
It would have been helpful to have a Red Cross Volunteer or someone outside walking the line. That person/persons could answer questions people have…remind people of who is eligible. And maybe most importantly could estimate how many people have already come through, and how many are still in line. That way when you reach the 2200 mark, you can say to the people who are lines up after them, maybe you’ll get a shot maybe you won’t…but this is the point at which 2200 people are ahead of you. It might save a lot of waiting. Those volunteers could also estimate the time it takes to get into the building from the back of the line. Amusement Parks do this…I would think there’s a way. That way when someone shows up wanting to know how long they’ll have to stand outside…they can get that information.
Just suggestions. Again, I think the County is doing a big job under bad circumstances.

I worked this weekend to fill in for vacationing reporters. That meant I got to go up to Ames to be there for the welcome home celebrations for the Cyclones. What a great vibe in that building! What a great moment for those student athletes! They haven’t had an easy time of it the last couple of years. A lot of that frustration washed away with a win in Lincoln. If you missed the video of Paul Rhodes talking to his team in the locker room, you need to see it. That’s the kind of passion Cyclone fans want to see out of their coach. We also interviewed Jamie Pollard. He choked up talking about the emotion Coach Rhodes showed. I;m sorry but you can’t fake that. It was clearly a moment that mean a lot to him. Both Pollard and Rhodes are a class act. Congrats Clones!
Congrats also to Hawkeye fans. Iowa football is a great story. They win with gritty defense and an offense that does just enough to win. I think Hawk fans would like to see a few more games where the outcome isn’t in doubt until the last play.

Race for the Cure
A big thank you to all of the people involved int eh Race for the Cure. They helped us look beyond the actual event to some of the latest technology and innovation coming down the pike for women with breast cancer. I am sorry we didn’t get to run the story Saturday night. Football got in the way. We aired the story Sunday and it’s online if you want to see it.

A side note. I went to the race Saturday morning and saw two women SMOKING in their Race T-shirts as I walked away. I can’t imagine how someone could be more disrespectful! These women and Men are fighting CANCER!

Healthcare Hoo-Ha
I wanted to put this article in the blog this morning. Another reminder we should all think for ourselves. Sometimes people take it for granted that a politician is just trying to stick up for the little guy. These politicians are simply looking out for themselves. It’s pretty clear that have no idea what they’re talking about.
It’s a lot easier to demonize an entire industry than it is to try to make your case on the merits.

America’s Family Coaches
Thanks also to America’s Family Coaches, Dr Gary and Barb Rosberg. The Rosberg’s invited me to speak about my parents marriage and their influence on my own view of marriage. I hope I added some perspective to the night.
I know I enjoyed meeting some new friends and listening to the Rosberg’s passion about the issue of keeping marriages together in Iowa. I particularly think their work among our military families will be important in the year to come. If you’re looking for more information about the effort, here’s their website.

I hope you all have a good day.
And get some comments going. If you think the blog is boring or there’s nothing to say…let us know. We want to use this as a place to get a discussion going. Let me know what you want and we’ll include more of it.

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