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Governor Culver Explains Hawkeye Comments

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Governor Chet Culver “is a huge Clones’ fan“. That’s what he told reporters after the Golden Dome Awards, which honors top-performing state employees (They hope, I’m sure, they won’t be among those state workers losing their jobs following the governor’s 10% across-the-board cut).

Late Saturday night, Culver’s office put out a statement praising the Hawkeyes’ historic win in East Lansing. Before the Hawks had even begun their game, the Cyclones pulled off quite a win of their own. They beat Nebraska in Lincoln for the first time since Jimmy Carter was president. My brother, Tom, was also born that year, 1977, in case my family is reading this tonight.

But Culver made no mention of the Cyclones victory. That brought snickers from some Cyclones’ fans, wondering where their love from the gov was. Today, the former football coach had to play some defense of his own to explain himself. I’ll put the video below. You’ll hear him talk about how he put out statements praising the Cyclones earlier in the year. I checked with his office. He never said anything about the Cyclones’ football team in any of those statements. His office did send out releases about the Cyclones’ women’s basketball team last spring.


His spokesman said the gov was talking today about Iowa State Cyclones’, not just the football team.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the video from today:


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  • Jeffrey7500

    When you are in politics, you have to have a very good memory because of all the lies you tell to stay in office. And you also have to memorize the statement: I know you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant. Chet, just hang it up and call it a day. It's over.

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