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Good Morning!
I’ll start by talking about Twitter a little. I signed up for this thing to try to use it for work. The problem is, I don’t always think I have something valueable to share. It leads to this…a note form a loyal blogger. C in Marshalltown writes:

Okay – call me old (or something)but I just don’t get this Twitter thing. I went to TWITTER, signed in, and I actually found Patrick except NOW WHAT DO I DO????? Am I missing something?
No you aren’t C.

I need to Tweet more. Here’s the problem. I don’t want to be one of these people who tweets stupid stuff…flooding you with information you don’t need.

I have a couple of thoughts. Would you like to hear what’s going on on the set? Would you like to hear the morning’s “other” conversations among the TII crew? Would you like me to send links to stories I think are interesting as I see them cross the headlines? I want to make this user friendly so let us know what you’d like and we’ll try to make it work.
On to the news:

I just got off the phone with the Polk Co Health Department. They’re creating a waiting list but we want to make sure you all know, this is only for pregnant women. The number is: 323-5330. Again, only pregnant women can get on that waiting list. Those women will get a call back.

I also suggested the PCHD take the time at the next clinic to come out and count the number of people who intend to actually get the mist vs the shot. The PCHD worker will eventually reach the point in the line where the vaccine would potentially run out. They can post that person at that point in the line. That would let everyone who lines up after that point that …you wait at your own risk. There may be doses left, there may not.
I would stress again, the PCHD is dealing with a very difficult situation and they’re trying their hardest to think about accomodating everyone. the problems is, that’s never going to happen. Someone will always have a way to do it that’s more convenient for them.
Sinatra Letter
Growing up in Chicago I enjoyed reading Mike Royko’s column in the Chicago Tribune. The Trib has a story this morning about a women who is auctioning off a letter written by Frank Sinatra to Royko after a scathing column Royko wrote about Ol Blue Eyes. Wish I had 15 grand.

Some of you emailed us to ask why Officer Lloyd needed a fundraisewr to pay for medical expenses. I think the emailers were asking why the officer’s insurance and workman’s comp don’t cover those costs. They will cover much of the cost, but as anyone who’s gone through a major medical procedure knows…the cost, even a fraction of it can run into tens of thousands of dollars. On top of that family may have to take unpaid leave to be with or care for a loved one if they get into this kind of medical situation. I’m not sure of the circumstances here, but I’d caution people to not jusmp to the conclusion that insurance covers everything…it doesn’t.
This is It?
I put the question mark there cause this seems to be the concensus among reviewers of the New Michael Jackson documentary. There’s not a lot there. Hardcore MJ fans will like it but I think I’ll wait until it’s on the clearance bin at Blockbuster…even then I don’t think I’m interested.
Things that Annoy
The story we read about “peephole” driving brought this up. I admit the people who don’t clear off the entire car before driving in the snow bug me. If you want to crash your car, go ahead. Please don’t increase the chance that you’re going to crsh into mine.
Brooke’s annoyance of the morning was people who wear Jeans to a wedding. I agree. This is one of the most important days of your friend’s/relative’s life. Get a pair of Dockers or a skirt.
Finally Kudos to my wife for quieting a screaming kid last night. The kids weren’t ready to go to bed. Mom and Dad were.
So, we put em down…near thier normal time. The problem was they got up late from their nap…so they weren’t ready. If you combine that rough start to the night with an early wake-up call…it can be a trying morning for a Mom. It’s morning’s like this I wish I could be there to help a little. JT decided to be a little bit of a drama queen this morning and Will has learned he can scream. He just shreiks. The good news is, he’s not in any kind of excruciating pain….the bad news is…he decided he’s very good at screaming and wants to show off the new vocal skills. Crying with a dab of random shreiking…it’s every parent’s dream wake-up call.

On a more positive note, the boys have discovered each other and have even started to make each other laugh. We never know when it’s going to happen, but it’s pretty funny when they do it. They still make us smile a lot more than they make us want to go hide under the couch.
I hope you had a great start to the day!


  • IAgal

    Late comment for yesterday's blog:
    I felt the same way about the smokers at Race for the Cure. As we were walking, we could smell cigarette smoke in the air from walkers in front of us. Makes a lot of sense to walk for the cure, yet smoke while doing so. Not only are they exposing themselves, they are exposing the rest of us to their second hand smoke! Not just rude, but really a dumb thing to be doing.

    Any of those types of things for twitter would be fine. I think a lot of us viewers like to hear the behind the scenes stuff as well as any interesting news that may not have been headliner news.

    As for the lack of comments…I think when you are getting very few, if any, comments it just means you're doing great on the blogs! ;) Keep up the great work.

  • C-Marshalltown

    I really don't want to be bombarded by a lot of junk on Twitter either but I was just not sure if I had to do something in order to “follow” someone or if I just click on their name or how do I even get their comments to appear. Just not sure how this whole thing works. I did figure out how to download Twitter to my phone but I don't know how to pull up anyones comments. (oops, I mean tweets – I think).

    I am so glad you brought up the smoking issue. I agree with everything IAgal said.

    AND – I only had one boy but he could sure scream. I bet it's a hoot with two.

    Hope you get some sleep.

    Have a great day.

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