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No Help, An Iowa Soldier’s Silver Star and The Dump

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Good Morning!
I’ve got to start out with something we’re all pretty excited about. I think I wrote here a few weeks ago that we’d shot some new promotions for Today in Iowa. They set up a camera and we all just talked for a while. We talked about each other, about our crazy hours, coffee, traffic. Well, they crafted that conversation into about two dozen promotions for Today in Iowa. I think they’ll answer a lot of the questions people usually ask us, and I think they’ll give you a good idea how much we really do enjoy working together. Look for the promotions to come out a few at a time over the next few months. Enjoy!

The News:

State Cuts
Well here’s a shocker.
The State’s largest Union says it negotiates a contract every two years. They say they’ve done that and any negotiating needs to be done with the entire bargaining unit. Hmmmmm. OK well thanks for all the help..the seven hundred people that are about to get laid off will be in tomorrow to see about benefits.
I’ve been in a Union and have benefited from collective bargaining. I think it’s got it’s place protecting workers from unreasonable work conditions and making sure worker salaries increase when the company turns a profit.
I get the negotiating tactic here from the Union. I get that Unions feel they’ve worked hard for the benefits and salaries they’ve earned and that they don’t want to back track.
The thing I think some Union leaders miss is that the Union workers aren’t alone in dealing with these issues. EVERY worker is taking pay and benefit cuts right now. EVERY worker is seeing an increase in benefit contributions. EVERY worker is seeing costs outpace pay increases. And by the way, MANAGEMENT is seeing the same cuts.
These state jobs are good jobs. They have good benefits. If it would save even two or three hundred of these jobs that are potentially lost, isn’t it in the Union’s best interest to keep those people working?
What would a temporary freeze in contract pay increases save the state this year? Polk County’s AFSCME workers took this kind of a pay freeze through some hard budget times a few years ago. To my mind it gave them great credibility and even more leverage the next time they negotiated.
Isn’t the point of the union that everyone sticks together? Deals with adversity together? I guess not.

Iowa Soldier and A Silver Star
There’s a story in the Washington Times this morning detailing an Iowa native who is being awarded the Silver Star for his heroism and bravery in Vietnam. Great Story, just thought I’d share the Iowa pride.

The Dump
Had some errands to run yesterday. One of them took us out to the Metro East Landfill. Just wanted to share the process so you are aware. If you have an old appliance you need to get rid of you can take it out the the Landfill. If you pay $10, they will take all the reusable parts off the thing and recycle them. Sounds a lot better to me than letting my microwave rot for eternity.
The process was easy and took about three minutes total. See the Metro Waste Authority Website for more details.

Need to get on a few morning chores here. I’ve been asked to be Godfather to my best friend’s son Evan. I apparently need to fill out some paperwork for the Church. Also having coffee today with the folks from Prevent Child Abuse Iowa. I will be emceeing their event the first weekend in November again. Pottery for Prevention is always a fun event. If you have the evening free I would love to see you all come out and support a great cause!

Hope you have a good day!


  • Sara

    I completely agree with your comments regarding the Union! A good friend is a member of the DMEA/ISEA. At a union meeting last week he asked the representatives what they would be doing to try to help with the state budget crisis. The answer he received was similar to the AFSCME representative. My friend was furious — would the DMEA rather that the teachers they represent have to face the non-contract workers in the schools when those jobs get cut? Do teachers really want to start acting as janitors, cooks, and aides? I think not. If unions want to keep any sort of credibility, they need to come to the table with something that will help, not make things worse. My friend's suggestion is for the teachers to take the last work day of the school year as a furlough day, which would save the district approximately $600,000. Let's see if DMEA will do anything.

  • C-Marshalltown


    Hey I finally figured out this twitter thing. Patrick, I think what your putting out there is perfect. It's just what I would like to see.

    Brooke, hope you get your voice back.

    Have a great day.

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