Steve King for President

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Fifth District Republican Congressman Steve King filled us with news this weekend. Two things headlined his chat with us: an almost tea party revolt and a run for president. King wants Americans to rush to Washington , D.C. to stop Congressional Democrats from passing a government-run public option in the health care reform package. King said he doesn’t believe the numbers are changing and that more Americans support the public option. He wants Americans to “fill Washington”. And if they can’t go there in person, he wants them to jam the phone lines, email in boxes and talk shows. He isn’t asking people to yell, like some of the most vocal did during town hall meetings this summer. But he wants them to show their passion to Congress. And he wants Congress to hear that passion, he said.

I also asked King about rumors that he may run for president in 2012. He didn’t exactly say “no”. He did say, for now, he wants what he calls a “national voice”. The talk about a presidential run, he said, even attracted the curiosity of his wife. He said she asked him Friday night if he planned to run. Here’s part of our interview with him this weekend:


  • Anonymous

    Seemed like the first two commentators here were more clownish than that interview. If a news station gives both sides of the aisle a chance to speak, they are actually being journalists. Our society today just isn't used to it. The media has become terribly slanted in one direction.

  • Anonymous

    Strange though, wasn't it? There was only one side of the aisle represented in this news segment, which was played over and over again. Let me guess….watch fox news much? Playing the victim just like them. Give me a break…..

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