Patrick’s turn and Halloween

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Good morning. It’s Brooke here. Patrick is off. And yes, he’s sick! This morning I kept replaying in my head the Queen song, “Another one bites the dust.” It seems everyone is getting sick! I had it last week and the week before. In fact, last Thursday morning I came in to work and realized I couldn’t speak after I came in and started having a conversation with our producer, Lisa. I don’t do a lot of talking at home at 3 am, so I didn’t know my voice was shot until after I came in. And like an idiot, I tried to do the show anyway which turned out to be a disaster. I made it to the first commercial break and then we decided I should let Patrick do the rest of the show on his own. Our producer couldn’t even understand some of the words I was saying. My apologies to everyone who saw the first 10 minutes of the show Thursday morning. I have a feeling it will end up on our end-of-the-year blooper reel.

Wasn’t the weather yesterday great? Evan had fun jumping in the pile of leaves our neighbor made in his yard. I am sure he was pretty pleased that all of his work was destroyed in about 10 seconds. But the smile on Evan’s face was precious, so I think it was worth it. Sorry, Reeds!

We took Evan trick or treating Friday night, but it almost didn’t happen. I planned to dress him as a tennis player (Roger Federer to be more precise). But, he started freaking out Friday when we tried to dress him. He wanted nothing to do with a costume and frankly, I don’t think he understood what Halloween was all about, even though we’ve been talking to him about it all week. Despite the meltdown, we took him out to a few houses in the neighborhood and he got lots of candy. And now I think he understands that Halloween is a good thing! He carried his candy around all night and kept counting it and lining it up. He wanted to sleep with the candy, but I finally pried it from him after a few tears. The next morning he woke up and the first thing he asked was, “where’s candy?” I am not sure if this was the right move, but I decided to let him eat it all and just get it out of the house as soon as possible. And , he did eat every last piece. Surprisingly, there were no major sugar highs. As for me, I had to give our leftover candy to my sister before I ate the whole bag. The white chocolate Hershey bars are my downfall!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Hopefully Pat is back and feeling well. See you tomorrow!


  • Brenda

    Trick or treats is really fun for all children but why can't the candy makers make some candy without nuts or not produce on machines where tree nuts are produced?? One of the BIG candy amkers would make a fortune out of that concept. My 2 yr old grandson is HIGHLY allergic to nuts so it was a chanllenge to find candy/treats that didn't contain nuts or that were produced where tree nuts are used. To see a 2 yr old cry at daycare because he can't eat M&M's is heartbtreaking. And likewise when you have to rush a child to the hospital because a child ate something containing peanut butter before they came to daycare and touched something he then touched. Daycares and schools need to get educated and to a man who said that child with allergies shouldn't be allowed in public schools but should be home schooled, shame on you. Why should a child be denied friends because of something out of his control.

  • debramckinney

    I watch you guys every single morning, and I love your newscast and all the banter…but there's one that just annoys me so much, and that's the Thursday segment with the girls talking about what's going on, on the weekend. They are so obnoxious…I turn the sound off. This is not high school…the whole cutesy routine is irritating, at best. Please get rid of this…yike!

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