I Don’t Get It, and I Got It

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Good Morning,
I tried my best, disinfected everything I touched, washed my hand, tried to exercise a little more, but it didn’t work. Whatever is going around, caught up with me. I got a double whammie of a cold along with the inevitable soreness I get 24 hours after a really good workout. I was cooked Sunday. The hard part about this shift is that you have to make a decision about just how sick you are about eight hours before you get up for work. By the time I get up, it’s too late. Also, I decided to actually follow the advice we have been giving out for weeks. If you feel sick, don’t go to work! Usually we don’t follow the advice we give out…stuff like driving toward a tornado instead of away from it…
Anyway, I feel better after a day of rest. Sometimes this shift can catch up with you. I am sure I don’t get “enough” sleep, I’m sure my eating habits aren’t “good”, and I am sure this all contributes to less than perfect health overall… It just catches up to me every once in a while.

To the News
I Don’t Get It
Maine goes to the polls today to vote on upholding the legalization of same sex marriage in that state. This is the first time voters will go to the polls to uphold or strike down a law enacted by a state legislature. It sounds like it’s going to be close.
I’ve written about this subject here before so I think my views on it are clear. Bottom line, I don’t get it.
I under stand why the people who oppose same sex unions are against it. They have moral objections. I respect their beliefs. Now it’s time for those people to respect someone else’s beliefs. If someone can show me hard evidence that same sex marriages are making kids not graduate from school or that same sex marriage raises my property taxes or that it contributes to the general downfall of the United States, I’d be willing to at least read it. The problem is you can’t.
In out system of government if you are going to afford a right to one of your citizens, you can’t withhold that right from another.
Someone else’s actions, moral or immoral, do not dictate how you and your family behave. A family’s sense of right and wrong first and foremost has to come from the family itself. Live your life upholding the values you believe in, whatever those are. I think if some people spent a little less time trying to prove that the way someone else lives their life is to blame for the ills of the world, they would find there are fewer ills in their world.
We live in a country where there is no monopoly on culture, religion, even language. That was the idea in the first place. This country is a place where ideas should be challenged, and debated freely.
I heard someone on the radio the other day saying this is the single most important issue facing Iowa as we get ready to elect a new Governor. I can’t imagine a statement that is less true. This state has a lot of issues it needs to deal with. The effect of same sex marriage, is the one that effects me the least, and is about last on my list of important issues, I want my government dealing with right now.

That’s all I’ve got for the day. I need to go home and deal with my other car. The civic is dead, and in the garage. I don’t know why it’s dead, I don’t know what I did, but I’m sure the Triple A guy will tell me.
Have a good one


  • titleist755

    There is a flaw with your argument in so much that the same sex marriage issue is not about same sex marriage, it's about the ability of the people to decide what they think is right or wrong. Personally, I don't care one way or the other. My philosophy is simple….don't tell me about it and don't send me a bill!! It is not the legislatures job to make laws on the morality of the folks wherever they live. The people of the state, and that includes Iowa, need to have this issue put to them for a vote and see where that comes out. If the people are in favor of it, then they have a legal obligation to act on the outcome of that vote. They do not have the authority to do it in reverse which is what is happening across the country, including our state of Iowa.
    The government does have much better things to do. Let the people decide what is best for them and then they get to work out the details. That is their job.
    Make no mistake, it's not about anyone's rights! It's about control and other people's money. Nothing more.

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