AFSCME decision

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What should they do? About 9,000 AFSCME members need to make a huge decision in the next week or so… do they take off five days without pay before the end of June and give up the state match on their retirement? Or do they watch about 500 of their co-workers lose their jobs?
Tough choice, huh?

What should they do? What would you do? Please send this question to your friends and co-workers. I want to go through as many responses as I can tonight on my internet radio show “Purple Matters” at 8pm on And please say in your response whether you are an AFSCME member, whether you are a state worker or whether you know someone who would be affected by the decision. Thanks a lot.


  • Anonymous

    Yes, I would be happy to cut my pay to save a colleague's job. The furlough dollars discussed don't save the jobs of co-workers, however. They save the jobs of other state employees most of us don't work with. Still saving a job, but slightly less rewarding than saving the job of someone you work with every day.

  • Anonymous

    I think taking a furlough is the right thing to do but I also think it didn't have to be this way. If the governor wouldn't have spent so much or would find other ways to save money, state workers wouldn't need to even have this vote.

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