Tuesday: Catching Up

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Good Morning…I’m back and though now 100%, I felt like the voice was good enough for TV this morning. I haven’t felt all that bad in the past few days but since Friday, I haven’t had a voice. That worked out really well for Friday night’s fundraiser auction for Prevent Child Abuse Iowa. Everyone was very generous in their compliments about the job I did struggling through with my voice…
I kind of feel like the little kid who throws up during his piano recital and then has a bunch of adults telling him…”You could hardly tell”. You could tell, it was a train wreck. I feel badly because they had some great items to auction off. Not sure, but it might have gone better if people could hear me.

To the News

Union Talks
Can’t imagine Union members voting down the changes to their contract. The options are, vote it down and lose about 500 members, or vote for the unpaid days off, take a hit for a week and keep all those people working.
The Union head said something interesting yesterday. He said the Legislature should be thinking about a tax increase next year. To pay for Union salaries? Not likely. I’ll say it again, everyone is in the same boat here. It’s not like State workers are the only ones seeing salary decreases, or benefit reductions. The Union Leader also said they were done negotiating. Also not likely. This is going to come up again next year, and the result is going to be similar.

Living Wage
While we’re on the subject some non-union workers in Des Moines Public Schools are asking for better wages. Te woman we talked to says she makes less than 16-thousand dollars a year. It does seem like a small amount of money.
Now I am going to say something I think is going to make a lot of people (mostly my family) mad, but I want to preface it by saying I think teachers don’t make enough money. They should be some of the most highly skilled and highly paid people in our society.
That said, a teachers aide making 16,000 a year seems like a small number until you extrapolate that out to a full 12 months of work. Teacher’s aides work 9 maybe 10 months. If you add on the wages for another three months work, it’s more like 20,000 per year. That’s still not a huge wage, but when we have these discussions about teacher pay, we should talk about it in an apples to apples kind of way.

Clinic in Polk County today expands the people who can get shots to anyone under 63 with a chronic health condition. It’s noon to eight tonight at Vets.

Have a good one


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