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Thanksgiving Week, Weekend Visit, and Bowling

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Good morning,
I’m home blogging again this morning…just wanted to see the boys before they went down for a nap. We had another good visit with family this weekend. I’ll say a little more about that later…first, the news of the day:

Carbon Monoxide can be deadly when you breathe too much of it. Most commonly, it can get dangerous in the form of exhaust from a generator or car. In the case of one church in Des Moines lat night it was a gas generator. If you use one of these things, please be careful, keep a CO detector in you home or business.

Health care
So the bill passed a hurdle and can now be debated in the Senate. Three Moderate Democrats may hold the whole thing up though. It seems to me the way to get something you want in Congress is to find the bill where you’re the swing vote, then hold the whole process hostage until you get something in return for your vote. Bet me that won’t happen here.

Black Friday Deals
So I guess the paper had the first indications of where the Black Friday deals were going to be. The woman featured in the story we ran is actually a friend, which makes it even worse that we misspelled her name. Anyway, Chris is one of those Black Friday shoppers who really gets into it. Maps out the route, knows where she’s shopping and what she’s shopping for. It means that her Christmas budget gets stretched a lot further than anyone I know. If you can do it…God Bless!

So all of the Hawkeye fans won’t go to the Rose Bowl, but I think the Hawks should go to the Fiesta Bowl. They deserve it. a 12-0 win over Minnesota was the kind of football you’ve come to expect from this team. Lota heart, Lota Defense…not so much on the offense.
Sorry, Cyclone fans. Missouri came through for me this weekend and helped me avoid a year of ridicule.
On a related note that I’m sure you Iowa fans are going to like. Northwestern beat Wisconsin Saturday. That means Northwestern is going to be tied for fourth in the Big 10. They have a tiebreaker with the team they’re tied with…Wisconsin. I know Wisconsin is likely going to have a better record overall, but shouldn’t conference record matter here? Northwestern beat Wisconsin but Wisconsin is going to get a better bowl game. Wildcat fans will just have to live with the knowledge that we beat two top ranked teams in conference play, traveled more people to a bowl game last year and had MUCH higher ratings on TV when that bowl game aired…and still got screwed.

Weekend Visit
My parents were in town this weekend and we had a great time. I think they leave here a little worn out. The reason is pictured here. Those five grandsons under the age of five are a handful. They were over here for dinner Saturday night. I don’t even notice anymore just because it’s a part of our routine but my Mom was commenting on the amount of work it takes to get the boys fed, changed, and down for bed. It does. We’re happy to have a few extra pairs of hands to help. Sally’s family and my sister are here this week.
We also had a lovely dinner with friends last night. Our friends The Groves and the Eckermans got together and were nice enough to invite us too. Lynnette, you can flat out cook lady!

-The Jane Lynch Xbox commercials are funny
-I love it when the house smells like bacon a full 24 hours after cooking the bacon.
-I am looking forward to stuffing…both the dish and the actual act of stuffing myself
-I’m about a quarter of bad football away from giving up on the Bears this year and hoping for some growth next year.

Hope you have a great day.

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