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I hope you can tell by the title of this that nothing’s really lighting a fire under me today.

Much of the News we have is a continuation of the stories making headlines all week.

How big is this group of kids the Police think is robbing homes on the South Side? 25 to 30 homes a week? If this merry band of thieves would put their teamwork to some productive use…they might actually be successful, and not in jail by the end of the month.
BTW the Register is reporting the home of the women who died at Gray’s Lake got broken into this week AFTER she died. There’s a very special, very hot place for the people who did that…and you know they did it after finding out she died.

The Gov is talking about the efficiencies he can find to save money in Government. 21 email systems? My question is this: If this is a good idea now, why wasn’t this a good idea last year? If government can operate at a lower cost it should.

The Mail Bag
Someone emailed to say Jeriann should be drawn and quartered for having a little fun at Brad’s expense this morning. It wasn’t quite that bad and won’t recount the entire email but this guy was MAD. He wanted Brad to get a lawyer.

I’m sure it can seem like we’re a little snippy with each other sometimes when you hear what we say out of the context of the entire morning. Remember we’re with each other for two hours and we spend the entire commercial breaks talking with each other and having a pretty good time.
I will also say Brad gives it as good as he gets. This is why you don’t see me making poking fun a Jeriann anymore. I lose.
The bottom line is, no one’s making fun of Brad and Jeriann is far from a mean person.
Christmas Tree Protection Program

JT found the Christmas tree last night. For the last few days the boys have been regarding the tree from afar…not really showing interest in actually going to the tree. JT made a run at it last night.
Of course, like a good Father I went for the camera instead of just pulling him away from the tree. If there was going to be a large scale tree felling in our living room, I wanted it on tape.
The good news is, it would take both boys to pull this sucker down so we can feel relatively secure about the boys not being trapped under Bruce the Spruce.

Hope you all have a good day.


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    I heard Jeriann's comment and laughed out loud!!! I would have said the same thing!!! I think that it shows what a great working relationship all of you have and that you make work FUN!!!! Considering that Brad sang at Jeriann's wedding I think all of you have each other's back!!! It's great to see a newscast that isn't so rigid!!!!! Keep having fun and being human!!!!!

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