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Travel… 2010 … You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!
I hope everyone had a wonderful – and safe – Christmas.

Were you on the roads anytime during the past several days? If you were, you know the conditions ranged from bad to horrific depending on where you were traveling and when. I know at times it seems as if we are far removed from the news we’re delivering to you, but one of our reporters found out first-hand just how treacherous the roads were last week. Emily Carlson got in a crash on her way home to Minneapolis. Scary. Thankfully, she’s still in once piece and was still able to get home for Christmas. The DOT and local road crews are reminding us that a lot of places are still covered with black ice – so slow down. I had the good fortune of jumping on a plane Christmas Eve before things got really nasty. My wonderful husband got me a ticket to Phoenix to be with my folks for the holiday. Having acclimated to Arizona weather, they think it’s chilly there right now, but I can tell you I was NOT complaining. We had a great time just hanging out and for me one of the highlights was watching “Home Alone” on tv. My parents had never seen it, and both of them were laughing so hard they were crying. I thought my dad was going to fall out of his chair. It was awesome.

Is it strange to anyone else that 2010 begins this week? It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the year 2000. Remember how freaked out everyone was about Y2K? All of the doomsday predictions about the world coming to an end – or at least all of our computer systems failing? On December 31st of 1999 I was working at Channel 8. We had all hands on deck, with reporters at all sorts of locations waiting for who knows what to happen. I thought I ended up with one of the best assignments. Steve Karlin and I were reporting live from Nollen Plaza where a big celebration was taking place. It was freezing out, and every time we had a significant break we ran over to Splash to warm up. I remember people there having dinner who kept offering us food and drinks. Only in Iowa! Of course nothing catastrophic ended up happening that night, so our gig was probably the best one. Michael and I have never been big on New Year’s Eve. Neither one of us have ever had a great one and it seems like most of the time nothing but trouble comes from being out on the town when the clock strikes midnight on this particular day of the year. Do you have big plans or a particularly fantastic New Year’s memory?

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up
I hear from a lot of you that you can’t believe the emails we receive in this business. I have a string I’m going to share with you from a person who fills out the email form with the name “Bill Payer” along with a fake phone number and email address. Classy. I mean – if you want to send me nasty notes – fine, but at least stop being a sissy and use your real identity. Anyway … enjoy.

“For pete’s sake. You finally got your eyebrows up where they belong and you were looking pretty good. Tonight you’ve got them pointing down at your nose and it just looks terrible. Bring them up. The natural line is better and by the way, cut down on the makeup. Makeup should be very subtle…there but not so prominent that it draws your attention to it. Try something other than blue if you have to wear anything at all. Either you don’t have a natural sense of what looks good or you’re listening to the wrong people. Tone it down and get it right and you’ll look great.”

“You look much, much better tonight. Just get rid of the dark line at the top of your eyelid and I think you’ll be close to perfect. Always remember that less is more. You’re a pretty girl…you don’t need that much makeup.”

“You’re looking so good…much more natural and that enhances your natural beauty. All I can suggest is to check out the following webpage and see if you can pick up a couple tips to complete the new look. Good luck.”

Lovely, huh?
Thanks for checking in – and Happy New Year!


  • Sincerely, Jenni

    We stay home on New Years with our kids, because its too dangerous to be out and about. We might do an early dinner around 5 or 6, and then head home for family game night.

    And “BIll Payer”? Makes you want to see what he/she looks like, because from the sounds of it, he/she must be PERFECT.

    Don't worry Erin, yuo look great. We're the same age, so I'm right there with ya!

  • Lisa

    We have been having new years eve parties at our house since 2000 – we were building our house at the time, so we literally had people bring lawn chairs to sit in. We had heat, electricty, and one working bathroom…what more do you need? I didn't care if people spilled, it was great! It has evolved into kid friendly parties as we all have them now, and the whole neighborhood comes, its great. Glad you got to go see your parents for the holidays, that Michael is such a nice guy!! And Bill Payer seems to have just a little too much free time on his/her hands, maybe you could suggest some volunteer work to help take up the free time they have to write? FYI, glad I could make you laugh about the Christmas cards – and we haven't gotten ours done yet, they will be Happy New Year cards…I'm so sad, aren't I?!?! Happy New Year!!!

  • Bob Nielsen

    As to New Year's, my wife & I stay home – she, right now, is surfing the net on her new laptop, while I surf on our “main” computer. I agree with Sincerely, Jenni – it's too dangerous to be out on New Year's Eve.

    “Bill Payer” needs to shut up! If that person can't see that you are an attractive lady, that's tough!

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