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Hello and Happy Monday, gang.

Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by the images coming out of Haiti? The death and destruction there is so horrific, and the standard of living so poor to begin with – it’s hard for most of us to wrap our heads around it. Last week I was riveted by a story I saw on CNN about an 11-year-old girl trapped in the rubble. People had been working for days to free her, but with no luck. They thought it was going to be necessary to amputate her leg in order to get her out, but then crews arrived with new equipment and she was rescued. It was so amazing to watch – the raw emotion in everyone’s faces and the elation they felt over the rescue of this child. It’s all I could talk about at work. Then on Friday I read that the girl died. Her family got her to a first aid station, but they were told the staff there wasn’t equipped to work on her severely injured leg. She passed away before they could make it to a hospital. It’s all so heartbreaking. If you feel helpless in situations like these … don’t. Instead, send money or help assemble meals. We’ve put several links in the “As Seen On 13” section of our website that make it easy for you to make a difference.

Speaking of making a difference … our “13 Cares” story this week highlights the work of a couple in Honduras. I met them last month when they were home visiting family in Iowa and their passion for helping others is contagious. Honduras is a very poor country – much like Haiti – and the efforts of these folks are helping improve the quality of life for many kids.

As you’re thinking about donating money or clothing or time, you might take the time to analyze your budget. Every week Dan Winters brings us great tips in his “Money Savers” reports and I thought last week’s was particularly interesting. It highlighted some websites that make creating a budget really easy, and even give you lots of tools to help you stick to it. check out

I have done a really bad job budgeting my time today, so this will wrap things up for now.

As always, thanks for reading and commenting.

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  • Larry

    The truth is that if you had seen images of Haiti before the earthquake, you would have still described them as horrific.
    The U.S has thrown billions of dollars at Haiti over the years to absolutely no effect.
    Most people in Haiti live on $2 a day or less.
    The sad fact is that most people in Haiti had no supply of water or food before this disaster, let alone after it.
    I have no idea what the solutions are in Haiti, but disaster relief is going to do little to solve the problems Haiti has.
    In a few weeks, when the disaster relief stops, Haiti is going to go right back to being the third world cesspool that everyone's ignored for all these years.

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