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Haiti, Hard Choices and Golden Globes

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Good Morning
It was a good weekend in the Dix house. Friday night was date night. Thanks to our good friend and go-to babysitter Linda, we got out to see The Blind Side. Loved it.
We are selling our house so we had to evict ourselves for a few hours Saturday. The only advantage to showing your home, is that it stays pretty clean.
Lots of Wash on Sunday along with some good movies on TV and the weekend was over before we knew it.

So back to the news:
Tempers are running short and desperation is mounting in Haiti as relief is slow to get to victims of the earthquake. The only good news coming out of Haiti are the stories of survival. There are already people speculating that this disaster may give an opening to rebuild the country from scratch. It would seem an insurmountable task, but maybe some good can come out of this tragedy.

DSM School Budget
You can only delay for so long. You might say Des Moines’ School district has done a great job in the past few years keeping budget cuts away from the classroom. With a shortfall of tens of millions of dollars, it doesn’t look like teachers will escape the cuts this coming year. That’s too bad for the students and for the teachers who will lose their jobs, but at some point, there just isn’t enough money to go around.

Mass Special Election
I’d like to ask my friend Tim, who’s a frequent visitor to this blog, but doesn’t often comment, to let us know what the heck is going in Massachusetts? Tim lives out near Boston, so he might be able to tell us what the heck happened that allowed a Republican to get within a country mile of Ted Kennedy’s open Senate seat. Apparently the Democrats believed this seat was theirs by birthright and the Republican challenger for the position decided to come out and run hard.
This article on NPR blasts The Democrat Martha Coakley. This one says even if she wins, Coakley’s run the worst campaign in MA state history.
Once again this proves a point I’ve made often here. If you are the kind of person that views Republicans as the mean conniving immoral Neanderthals; or if you view Democrats as whiny bleeding heart, intellectual snobs…you might want to rethink your view. Each party has candidates that don’t exactly live up to the promise of Democracy. The job we have to take seriously as voters is looking past party affiliation and making sure the best person for the job is elected to office, even if that means we give the other side a seat we wish they wouldn’t have. Kudos to the people of Massachusetts if they can muster the guts to do that this week. It appears the Democrats have shown repeatedly in this race that they are not worthy of a seat long held by a great public servant.

Golden Globes
I like the Golden Globes because I don’t feel stupid after watching them. Unlike the Academy awards, which always seem to feature movies I’ve never heard of or seen, the GG are a mix of the TV shows and Movies that I’ve not only heard of, but this year…I’ve actually seen! They actors look like they’re having a little more fun too.
I was happy to see Glee win for best TV comedy. If you haven’t seen the show, all the episodes are on fox’s website.
Sometimes the actors look like someone’s kindergartner picked their outfits…not so this year. I thought the women, for the most part, picked stuff that was flattering. I’ll raise my objection again…what can’t the guys just wear a tux? There are some variations on a theme here, but the guys who looked the best last night wore classic simple tuxedos.

I hope you all had a good weekend. The weather is going to be something to pay attention to this week. The mix of rain sleet and freezing rain are a possibility through some of the seven day forecast.

See you tomorrow!

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    Statements for All True Americans

    As An America,Obama is NOT BLACK he is an abomination to GOD as IT SAYS in the BIBLE!! a 1/2 Breed! and The America GOV! ISNOT a Democracy It is the REPUBLIC!! As it says in the song for the REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!
    Other Presidents back in the 40's and 50' thru all Aliens out of USA for Americans to have jobs!!!after WWII READ about it!!
    And A Marriage Should be between A MAN AND WOMAN As the BIBLE SAYS!!
    And Allso says a Woman isNOT to have a place of Authority!!!

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