Obama Back on the Road

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Cue Willie Nelson…

Barack Obama is going back on the road again. The New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny (who knows Iowa well as a former reporter for the Des Moines Register) reports today that Obama will go travel more in the U.S. this year to re-connect with voters. Obama’s popularity has been going down in the polls as more Americans lose their jobs and the country is in the middle of a heated fight about how to reform the health care system. No word, according to Zeleny’s report, on whether Obama plans to come back to Iowa soon. But, of course, Iowa is really where it all began in many ways for him with his victory in the Iowa Caucuses.

Obama has begun his sophomore year at the White House. What did you think of his first year as president? Did he bring the change you wanted and the improvement to your day-to-day lives that you hoped? Grade the president on his performance…A,B,C,D or F.

Text the word, matters, to the number, 72466, on your cell phone to vote in our weekly text poll. After your vote, please share why you graded him the way you did at the bottom of this blog under the comments section. We will share some of your views tonight at the Channel 13 News at Ten.

Thanks for reading and thanks for voting.


  • Anonymous

    I say a C. Hope and change can't be done overnight. But this whole health care thing has really turned me off.

  • Anonymous

    Somewhere along the line, he's got to get off the campaign trail and assume the resposibilities of the President of the United States!

  • John Galt

    Capital F. So he makes a good speech, this is good enough to get elected nowadays.

    The basic premise that it's the government's job to institute “change” or better our lives is false. Government's job is to provide defense and order. If you want a better life it's up to you to go get it, to the extent that our government will allow…

  • Anonymous

    I don't have cell phone so can't grade Obama's first year per your instructions. If I could he would get failing grades in all categories. Economy is worse..Unemployment is higher, and now he appears to be spending his time in “campaign mode” instead of tending to business in Washington. Poorest excuse of a President since Bill Clinton. No transparency (won't even show his real birth certificate, grades from college, or Passport used when he traveled abroad while in college).

    I'm just very concerned for my grandchildren and great grandchildren, as my life is nearing it's end, but we need to protect future generations and get God back in our Constitution. We the People will revolt eventually and take our country back.

    Thank you

  • Anonymous

    This guy is like walking into the rest room and punching the button on the hand dryer , nothing but hot air ,as all his cronies are.Not even worth a grade.

  • Anonymous

    The economy just had its biggest quarterly gain in SIX YEARS!! That's not good enough for you nay-sayers who can't stand to see Obama succeed? Why don't we call it what it is – racism. The first comments I heard from co-workers the morning following Obama's election as our first black president, in my conservative supposedly oh-so-Christian town? Jokes about watermelon in the White House. So frustrating and disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    I guess, watermelon in the white house . This will be the largest overdraft in united states history we have ever seen. you say Bush is the cause. ,The demos have had congress since 1996 They have done nothing but run us into debt over our heads plus now threaten to put us in jail if we don`t use their health care plan. you think this is the way the U.S. should be. Not me

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