Saturday Thoughts

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On this Saturday in Des Moines we’re watching the rain melt away some our three feet of snow cover that’s been around for about a month now. It seems to be melting fast. But what a mess!

Iowa Dems and Repubs caucus this afternoon. It’s an experiment to try them on a Saturday. What will turnout be like? If it’s up, does that mean Iowans prefer Saturdays or does it mean the fired up protest vote is real?

Monday, Governor Chet Culver begins what a news release said, “Governor Culver will hold the first of his weekly press conferences of the legislative session.” Reporters have been asking since Culver took office for weekly news conferences like his predecessors held (although Tom Vilsack seemed to get away from the Monday morning gatherings later in his second term). Culver’s first weekly press conference will begin the third week of the legislative session.

So much for the first real Republican faceoff as official candidates in the race for governor. Apparently, Terry Branstad has “scheduling conflicts” and won’t share the stage with Rod Roberts, Chris Rants and Bob Vander Plaats at the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Summit. Eastern Iowa Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley does make an out-of-district appearance at the event.

What did you think of Conan’s farewell last night? I thought it was a classy departure. Although, I didn’t really get the Freebird tribute at the end. What did you think?

And, no, I don’t get this Mark McGwire steroids stuff. Why can’t he just say, “Yes, I did steroids. I thought they would help me. Ironically, they may have actually hurt my body and caused me so many injuries. I’m really sorry that I took them. I wasn’t honest with my fans. I wasn’t honest with my family. And I wasn’t honest with myself. I’m sorry. And I will work the rest of my life so that kids don’t repeat my stupid mistakes.” Is that really so hard to say? Forget about your Hall of Fame chances right now. You’ve probably already blown it anyway. Remember, you cheated?! Worry about the kids about whom you say you care most. Remember them?