Budget, Recall, and Why is Brooke so Hungry?

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Good Morning…
We’re going to try to keep a dual blog going this morning. I’ve encouraged Brooke to contribute cause I think it’s much more interesting when she does.
The start of the morning went right back to routine for me when I got downstairs and realized the coffee maker hadn’t been turned on. I forgot to hit the button to trigger the timer. So it took me that much longer to get out of the house.

To the news:

The Governor releases his budget this morning and has made it clear no one should have any opinion on it. If, as most people believe, it has another ten percent cut in it; State Department heads will face an even tougher year this year than they did last. So the Memo we obtained from the Gov’s Chief of staff didn’t seem to strike the right tone.


Really? Will there be large intimidating men in the office to help make the Governor’s point?
If you don’t have the team around you that’s going to support your decisions…you’re the Governor…bring in the team that will.
If you haven’t brought your team in to make sure everyone is on board with a complicated and challenging budget plan…then that may also be a sign of bad communication and a lack of leadership.

Toyota is taking eight of it’s models out of production and telling dealers not to sell any more of them. They’re worried about accelerators sticking. If you have a Toyota built after 1997, you should check to see if it’s on the recall list.

Don’t know why but I’m fascinated by the launch of Apple’s new tablet computer. I wonder if it will actually revolutionize the way we experience media of all kinds. I would be sceptical but it seems much of what Apple touches turns to gold. They seem to be very aware of what consumers want.
In a small way I am hoping the exclusivity agreement with AT&T ends so I can get an iPhone.

Someone at the Today show has got a thing for wax figures. they’ve got the Obama’s on this morning.
I’ll be honest, the whole thing creeps me out. Someone explain the draw behind going to see lifelike wax figures.

National Make-out Day
Our producer just let us know someone designated this…National Make-out Day. Is there an appropriate gift for that? Carmex? Burt’s Bees?

Megan told us all how to take the first steps toward a more organized house. This is the time of the year to do it for sure. I’m sure we could all find more than a few things to donate or throw out.
This is also the way I lost most of the stuff I came into my marriage with. We moved four times in the first three years we were married and every time Sally would help me “organize” my way through packing. This meant throwing a lot of stuff out.
Now did I really need my 8th grade basketball trophies? You never know.
Was the Burlap sofa I inherited from my Grandma the most comfortable place to sit (especially after my roommate spent six months sleeping there)? Probably not.
Was the flowered Hawaiian shirt I bought at Wal-Mart for some Halloween party ten years ago an important part of my wardrobe? Well it shouldn’t be.
That said, some of us find it hard to let these things go. I, for one, enjoy looking back at how dramatic everything seemed as a teenager. I think my kids will enjoy reading what my friends had to say in a yearbook, and I will always keep the ticket stubs to an Orioles Game the weekend Sally and I got engadged (Cal Ripkin Jr. als ended his consecutive games streak that night but that’s not the point).
I don’t think anyone is going to find me among the piles of mementos and old newspapers cause I have a problem throwing things away, I just think there are some things that we should keep to remind us how we got here.

Hope you all have a good day


  • harleypoet

    The email from the Governors chief of staff irritated me. Department heads are state employees, they are NOT political appointees like the chief of staff is. So WHY is he allowed to play bully like this???? To me, there is an implied threat in his words, and I find that hypocritical and totally outside of his scope of authority. Employees of the state have the IMPLICIT right to disagree with the Governator and any other ELECTED official, we are still a free country and still have the right to believe and speak as we wish. The Chief of Staff owes the Governor and the voters of this state his resignation.

  • Judy

    I find it very interesting that we live in a state where voicing your concerns or opinions is not appreciated. I am glad the governor is an elected position, so it can be changed when the time comes.

  • titleist755

    We live in a time where the political class “thinks” that we, the people, don't have power over them any longer. They work for us!!! We all need a “throw the bums out” attitude going into this election cycle!! Culver has been ineffective and he has lied to the electorate. ELECT SOMEONE ELSE!! We need new blood in the statehouse and I don't mean Branstad!! Pay attention and study the 2010 elections closley. The state elections will have the most impact on you and your family here in Iowa!!

  • Patrick Dix

    before this gets out of hand…Brooke just didn't post. She was talking about being hungry this morning in the Newsroom, but I think it was in the context of wanting to hibernate!
    No headlines…no pending arrivals…sorry bloggers.

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