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State of the Union, Why I am hungry and Apple Pie for Breakfast

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Good morning everyone. Let me start by saying I am not expecting. But I am incredibly hungry all the time. Non-stop, actually. Oh… and by the way, sorry for not adding to the blog yesterday. I got a little side-tracked with another project and ran out of time. Anyway, I was telling Patrick yesterday that I feel hungry all the time and don’t know why. Everyone in the news room seemed to agree with me that their appetites just don’t feel satisfied and we all seem to suspect that it could be the weather. I have been craving things that I NEVER eat. Like fried chicken. And biscuits. I guess that means my body wants something drenched in fat. So, why am I so hungry? Does it have something to do with our body’s natural tendency to put on fat when it’s cold? Or trying to overcome the winter blues with food? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have been watching too much of the Food Network when Evan takes his nap in the afternoon.

Anyway… as if someone at Wells Fargo Arena knew my insatiable desire for comfort food, this morning when we came back into the newsroom after the show, there was an Apple Pie on the counter. One of the women in marketing brought it by as part of the promotional material for the Super Bull Series going on at the Well this weekend. Not sure what Apple Pie and bull riding have in common, but I don’t care. This pie was the bomb. And I was the first to dig in. It’s almost gone and as I write this it’s not even 8 a.m. No, I didn’t eat it all. Just one piece. But I wanted more until I saw how many grams of fat are in one slice. Must be all the lard used in the crust.

On to the news..
State of the Union
Did you watch last night? Unfortunately I fell asleep 10 minutes into the speech and according to Pat, missed the best part. Did you catch the part of President Obama’s speech when he basically criticized the Supreme Court for its ruling removing corporate campaign spending limits. The President said, “With all due deference to the separation of powers… last week the court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests including foreign corporations to spend without limit in our election.” When the cameras focused on Justice Alito, you can hear him mouth, “That’s not true” and then shake his head.

That’s all for now. I have a play date with Evan today. I have to admit, it still sounds weird for me say “play date.” It sounds so formal. I can almost guarantee this is not a phrase my mother and her friends used when they would get together with the kids. Maybe we came up with the word because we have to be more structured now with our get-togethers since so many moms work. Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing all the kids and moms. Megan Salois is hosting it and some other people from work including Pat’s wife and kids are coming. I’ll probably have something funny to share tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Have a great day!

Hope you all stay warm today.

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  • Lisa

    YUMMY! Apple is my all time favorite pie, and that one looks awesome! I'll have to agree with you on being hungry, I feel non-stop hungry as well! Thanks for clearing up the confusion from yesterday – although another gorgeous child with all those curls would be fun to hear about!

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