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John Edwards’ love child and thinking out loud

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Edwards, the adulterer: Here’s an interesting blow-by-blow of how a North Carolina tv station broke the John Edwards’ lied to his wife-lied to the country-let down all of his supporters-could have caused a national crisis if he would have become president-paternity scandal. Here’s the link.

Rants uncensored: Perhaps, this is a rare glimpse that offers some genuine insight into a legislator’s mind, thanks to the emerging social media… On his Twitter account, Sioux City Republican Rep. Chris Rants just asked for advice on the early retirement idea to give cash incentives to long-time state workers to get them to leave their jobs to save the state money. Rants, of course, is also one of the 4 remaining Iowa GOP candidates for governor. Here’s his tweet:

I’m struggling how to vote on Early Retirement Bill. It saves money, but Iowans are losing jobs w/out such generous severance. Thoughts?

Out of tune Taylor? As you know, I’m a big country fan. Did anyone else think Taylor Swift was WAAAAY out of tune last night during the Grammy’s? Yikes, my ears are still bleeding. Dying cats sound better!

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