Happy Hump Day

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Good morning everyone. I’m taking on the blog today and hoping you will stick around to read it. Well, I am happy to say I am not as hungry this week as I was last week. Maybe this has to do with the fact that there has been less temptation here in the newsroom. We haven’t had any apple pies or cookies just sitting around and so I have had to eat my regular breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. Although today I am craving something I had over the weekend. I know this sounds weird, but you can actually buy coconut M & M’s. I found them at Dahl’s and they are awesome. But then, I love all things coconut. I have noticed some other really odd M & M flavors at the gas station. One of them was Strawberry and Peanut Butter. I guess it was supposed to taste like a PBJ Sandwich. Didn’t really care for that one. I also LOVE the dark chocolate variety. And those are healthy, right? :) Ok… now I am getting hungry again. Go figure.

Early Retirement Bill
So… today we had a lot of legislative stories in our newscast. One of them was the bill passed by the house last night that would allow state workers to retire early and get health benefits for 5 years and one thousand dollars for every year you worked for the state. It’s supposed to help downsize the workforce. Every lawmaker voted for it except Christopher Rants. He says it doesn’t make sense for the state to pay workers a huge lump of money when some of them were going to retire anyway. I guess I understand his point. But the other side makes sense, too. How are you going to entice people to retire early unless you give them a reason. And a lot workers don’t retire because they don’t want to pay for or can’t afford health care.

Did you see Megan Reuther at Farrell’s Gym today? She’s profiling some of the workouts in the metro. I know this place is probably already pretty familiar to most of us who live in the Des Moines area, but it was interesting to see what the workout really looked like. It uses a lot of resistance bands which I used to think must be easier than weights. Boy was I wrong. They are harder. The Farrell’s workout is intense and Jeriann says it is killer. But I guess that’s how it works, huh?

I’m off to get my drivers license renewed and run some errands. Have a great day!

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