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2 a.m. and every time I think I’m done answering emails, another one comes in. I’ve been at it for more than two hours.

In the 14 years of SoundOFF, we’ve never had more letters of support and praise in one night. I can’t begin to explain how much that means. It’s been humbling. We also continue receiving criticism, but the tone has changed—in most cases—to constructive. Thank you.

I’ve tried to answer each email and much of the feedback on this blog individually, but unless you’re writing about something other than the polarizing Lickliter spoof, I don’t  think there’s anything else I can add. I’ve written two lengthy columns here, and we devoted much of SoundOFF to the controversy. You’ll find “I Think”, “What’s Bugging Andy”, my interview with Chris, and “Ask Gary Dolpin” on the video player.

Thank you for stopping by.


  • Anonymous

    And how many negative comments, e-mails and phone calls have you received? My guess is you've never had more of those in one night either.
    Everyone who has commented that the “spoof” was “funny” would see it totally different if it was their own kid that was being ridiculed. Put yourself in that kid's shoes and then think how you would feel. Or put yourself in his dad's shoes. Still think it would be “funny” to be publicly ridiculed and humiliated on TV? I guess it's always “funny” when it's somebody else.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if you'd done your job in the first place by previewing Hassel's piece, you wouldn't have to be dealing with answering emails at 2am (not feeling sorry for you about that either). Really improbable that most were messages of support.

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