Snow, Super Ads and Statehouse

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Good Morning!
We sat around all day Sunday watching the snow fall and thinking it was going to add up to something. It didn’t. I’m not complaining. I have friends in Washington D-C who are wondering when the lights and heat are coming back on. I can’s imagine how helpless they must feel. The worst part about is that Washington D-C is expecting another five inches of snow from this storm we’re dealing with today.
Speaking of…
We’re expecting a steady snow for about the next day and a half. We’ll follow that up with some wind that will produce near white-out conditions in places. I feel terrible. My Father-in-law came into town to see the boys this weekend and needs to get back on the road to Illinois this morning. He’s got a good car and will take his time, but I wouldn’t want to be out on I-80 unless I had to be.

An Iowa Lawmaker explained his proposal by saying he didn’t mean to hurt anyone…
He says the reason he wanted to take protections away from Gay Lesbian and Transgender students was that it was one of the ways the “Iowa we all used to know and love” is slipping away.
So just to make sure I have this straight…no pun intended; we want to make it easier for a kid…no matter who he or she is…to get picked on and bullied at school so you can forward your political agenda? I have trouble giving the green light for kids to beat up another kid for any reason…I don’t care if you believe it or not. They’re kids.
Seems like a great set of values from the party that claims it wants to foster respect and pillars of character in the community. What would it say to kids if we repealed this part of the anti-bullying law? It would give tacit approval of adults to pick on, ostracize and alienate a small number of students.
Character…apparently doesn’t count for anything. If it did, the people who run that program would denounce the idea. Every child should have a chance to go to school without fear of intimidation or physical violence.
Beer and Bones
Good news for you beer drinkers. Hops apparently have a high concentration of a nutrient that strengthens your bones. I’m not sure this means you should replace your AE milk with MGD, but it’s at least an excuse to crack open a cold one at the end of a tough week.
Super Bowl Ads
I admit, I’m one of the people who really likes to watch the ads for the Superbowl. I agree with Adwatch from USA Today, the Snickers ad with Betty White and Abe Vegoda was one of the best. My favorite was the Casual Friday gone to far ad from Career Builder.

Brooke liked the Energy Police Ad.

Jeriann said she liked the Dodge Charger ad. Man’s Last Stand.

I actually laughed out loud at some of the locally produced commercials. I don’t think they were supposed to be funny though.
Overall the game beat out the commercials in my opinion. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.
Last but not least, Sally’s Dad Rick was in town to see the boys this weekend and we had a great time. He helped us with our first excursion to a Mall play area. We had to go to Valley West to return some things anyway and decided to let the boys out to play. I will be amazed if they don’t both end up with a cold. There’s just no way to keep their hands off the germy play things. Oh well, they’ll build up a good immune system. They seemed to like being able to crawl all over the place and I was really impressed with how careful the other kids were around our little ones.
We went back home and while Sally got dinner ready, Rick and I wrangled the boys in their playroom. I thought it was funny…JT wouldn’t leave Rick’s beer alone! I took a camera out to get a picture of it…and Will jumped in front of the camera. Yep…they’re my kids.
Have a great day!

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  • James

    I'm still trying to figure out what the representative is attempting to do (it seems far fetch). But why do we need these laws to begin with? People shouldn't be bullying people around period, regardless of the circumstances. The punishment should be the same across the board. Why do we need special provisions for one group of people? It’s like hate crime legislation. If you commit a murder because of the person's skin color, what makes the crime more punishable then if you killed the same person for fun/money/etc?

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