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Olympics, Valentines and Skin Check

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Good Morning,
Well, the weekend is finally here.

We’ve had some work done to our house this week. This weekend will be an opportunity to get things back in order. Trying to work home improvements around two toddlers is a challenge at best.
I don’t know if it was paint fumes or dust or what, but last night, for some reason, the smoke detector in the boys room malfunctioned about a minute and a half after we put them down to sleep. You work for like a half hour on making things calm around them so they can wind down and fall asleep…then the fire alarm goes off. I still don’t know what the problem was, but Will stood straight up in his crib, looked at us as we came in the room to figure out if our house was burning down…and then rolled back over and went right to sleep when he figured out we weren’t staying to play. That kid was tired!
To the News:

The big one today is opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics. We will be watching at our house? Fish sticks and Fanfare…that’s the theme of our Friday night. Anyone else going to watch? I liked China’s Opening Ceremony so much…this will be hard for Canada to top. I will say this, Bob Costas does as good a job as anyone of making me care about the entertainment portion of the night. The man does his homework and might be one of the smartest people on the planet. It makes for a great show every Olympics on NBC.

If you didn’t catch Emily Carlson’s story about Karlos Kirby you should really look it up on our video player. Karlos is Iowa’s only Winter Olympian but this year he’s probably not going to see opening ceremonies. Emily explains why. Karlos is a neighbor and a great guy. One of the best interviews you’ll ever do as a journalist. We wish him the best and will keep his family in our thoughts over the next year.


Jeriann was talking about her conversation with her husband about Valentine’s day. She says she told Rob not to get anything. I think she means it, but So much of what I’m reading around Valentine’s Day says women don’t really mean that when they say it. So what is a guy supposed to do? I say get flowers the week before Valentines and the week after. Get her flowers or a card once a month. Do something for your significant other all the time and then when this Hallmark Holiday comes around it’s not such a focus. I find a simple note left on the kitchen counter before I leave for work is as special as a tub full of bath salts and lotions or a teddy bear with a big heart. Which do you think would mean more?

Skin Check

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, The skin Cancer Foundation wants you to check your partner for any moles or marks on your body that may have grown. Look, I am all for awareness of skin cancer. It’s the right idea and I’m all for an up-close look at my wife Valentine’s Day weekend…but moles aren’t going to be what I’m looking for. We can do that some other time.
Hope you all have a good weekend!



  • titleist755

    We are watching too Pat. Olympics have been one of those things I have always watched….especially opening ceremonies!!!! Gonna hunker down with some roast beef and potatoes and get ready for more snow…

  • Kristy Heilman

    Pat, I absolutely think the notes on the counter mean SO much more than candy and cards on Valentine's Day. Getting a note from my hubby makes my whole WEEK! :) Letting your spouse know you're thinking about them ALL the time (and not just once a year) is the best bet. Although, I agree that most women DON'T mean it when they say “Don't get me anything.” I know I sure don't… ;P

    Also, the whole mole check thing is just… weird. lol Well, it made me laugh anyway.

    Miss ya, my friend! ;)

  • Kodi

    Fact check??
    This kept bugging me every time you said it this morning so I had to do a little digging. Karlos Kirby is the most recent Iowan in the Winter Olympics, but are you sure he's the only? I used to work with Heidi Soliday in the 80's and I had to google to jog my memory, but her bio says she was named to the 1972 Olympic Luge team. (

    I realize your audience is mostly younger and may not remember 1972 as a whole, but it seemed like a pretty sweeping statement. I know she used to work for the competition, but still should be recognized if that is the case.

    Love the show otherwise – thanks for making my mornings good!

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