While watching the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony…

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  • I’m at home, watching in glorious HD. I’ll soon head back to work where I’m pretending I work in the weather office because Ed has a BIG OL’ HDTV.
  • Speaking of weather, mind-blowing factoid of the day. 49 of 50 states recorded measurable snow today. Only Hawaii refused to join Snowmageddon.
  • There is absolutely no possible way the Vancouver opening ceremonies can equal Beijing’s. Try not to even compare because it will just make you appreciate the hard work of our friends to the north less.
  • First Opening Ceremony indoors. Did you know that? I learned that today. It’s better outdoors. It’s the Winter Olympics for goodness sakes.
  • NBC reporter Mary Carillo had one of her usual terrific reports, this one on the Olympic Torch Run. I had the privilege of running with the torch in 2002. I can’t put into words how exhilarating and emotional it was. The time just flew by. I’ve never run so effortlessly, not even in my younger days. I’ll never forget it, and I still can’t quite explain the magic.
  • It’s good to have Cris Collinsworth, Dan Patrick, Bob Costas, and Al Michaels working the Olympics. It makes me feel like an NFL football game might break out, and I’m already missing it.
  • Speaking of football, I’m disappointed to learn Peyton Manning rushed off the Super Bowl field without shaking hands. That’s just bad sportsmanship, I don’t care how you spin it. Come on, Peyton. You’re better than that.
  • Back to the Opening Ceremony… Lindsey Vonn revealed she plans to ski. Try to act surprised. She’s going Dwight Freeney on the other countries.
  • The new, not  improved We Are The World video just played. It’s a benefit for Haiti, so I can’t be too critical. It’s a good effort. I realize I’m 45 now and not into music as much as I was back in 1986. Back then, I knew all the singers. This time, 75% at most, and only that high because my boys play the videos of some of those singers. Even adjusted for generations, the star power didn’t approach the original, even with old video of Michael Jackson inserted. And the singing—where were the one-liners that popped?! Nice effort, but I’ll stick with the original. Age or ear?
  • I just saw a nice HD promo for channel 13 news. Why am I the only one goofing? I was just having fun at the skating rink downtown. I want to look credible like John Bachman. That guy is made for television. It comes naturally.
  • I’m going to see “Runt of the Litter” this weekend. Can’t wait.
  • If you’re a fan of “Sandlot” like me, you always wonder what happened to the one and only  Wendy Peffercorn. Well, the former lifeguard is 35 now, and all grown up. (Squints, we’re proud of you.)
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