High School Football Scores

Iowa would like those 10 seconds back

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  • Ouch. It didn’t shake up the standings, but Iowa blew a chance for a nice home win. The Hawks made all the wrong moves in the final 10 seconds and gave Michigan a chance to tie, which the Wolverines did. OT seemed like a bad idea for Iowa, and it was.
  • When did Aaron Fuller turn into a full grown MAN. 30 points, 13 rebounds? Can’t say no one’s developing.
  • UNI didn’t miss Jordan Eglseder inside. Didn’t need anyone inside. Not when the Panthers knock down 13 threes.
  • Why do so many people enjoy watching Creighton struggle?
  • No team is more unpredictable than Drake. It was the good kind Tuesday night.
  • No one is going to beat Ames in boys basketball, but at least Johnston kept it to single digits. And that was after falling behind 18-0. Shawn Terrell says if the Dragons hadn’t come out so puckered, it might have been a different game.
  • Lindsey Jacobellis waited four years to atone for her hotdogging mistake in Torino. Showing off cost her the gold. This time Jacobellis catches a tough break and is run out of bounds. That was heartbreaking.
  • Men’s figure skaters can do moves the women can’t, but it’s one “sport” I still much prefer watching the women. Maybe it’s the costumes. They’re starting to look a lot like Chaz Michael Michaels’.
  • How good did the sun feel. I thought it was 50 degrees, and it was actually 20.
  • Former Iowa Chop Bobby Ryan scored a goal for Team USA at the Olympics. Won’t be long before we have to explain what an “Iowa Chop” was — unless we’re eating.
  • It will be a short night of sleep for me. I have 2 hours of American Idol to catch up on (DVR), then I’ll watch the Olympic prime time re-broadcast in HD beginning at 1 a.m.  I was watching three basketball games at once tonight and didn’t get my Olympic fix.
  • State wrestling begins Wednesday. You know what that means… speed traps all over the metro. Be careful. And oh yeah, it also means the best tourney in the nation is underway.