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Records on Records

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We have seen enough records this winter season. There are so many that we would be better off to list the records we haven’t broken.

We are just talking about the Des Moines records here. There are many records that have been reached or broken around the state… but for now I just have the time and space for the Des Moines numbers.

As of today we are sitting at 70 days with 5 inches or more of snow. We came in second yesterday with consecutive days of a trace or more of snow reported at the Des Moines International Airport. We wound up with 12 days…the first place record still holds at 16 days.

We are first place for 58 inches of snow by the 15th of Febuary. The 58 inch total leaves us at number nice all-time snowfall for any winter. That may be enough talk of inches of snow… but even if we get just the average snowfall the rest of the season…that would put us within reach of the number one winter season of snow. That was 72 inches during the 1911-1912 winter.

Here is the link to the record numbers for snow.http://http://www.crh.noaa.gov/product.php?site=dmx&product=pns&issuedby=DMX&format=CI&version=1&glossary=0