Taxes, Jumping Ship and A Break

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So Iowans feel like an extra penny per dollar sales tax isn’t a big deal. I can see why some people feel like it’s not that big of a deal if it helps the government out of a jam. Shouldn’t we wait until they squeeze all of the savings they can out of state Government? We’re going to save tens of millions of dollars in this Government reorganization. Why didn’t Democrats do this before? If everyone agrees this year that this is such a good idea…where were all these stewards of our taxes last year or the year before? If cutting these commissions and making one central purchasing system is such a good idea, why didn’t they do it last year? or the year before?

Jumping Ship

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh says he hates Washington D.C. He says it’s too partisan and that you can’t get anything done. Well I’m glad someone in Washington noticed.

The questions is, what is Bayh doing? There’s at least one article I read saying he’s running for President in 2014 already. This way he gets away from Washington, gets to be a guy who gets things done in the private sector…then he comes back to “serve”. There are more than a few Dems who feel like he threw the party under the bus with his announcement. I say who cares? When are these guys going to get it? On both sides of the aisle, there are people who are actually convinced the kind of partisanship we’ve seen poison the debate in Washington is what people want to hear. They’ve been hanging around too many party meetings and not enough PTA meetings.

A Break
sometimes it’s enough just to have something to look forward to. Sally and I are going to get a weekend away here in a couple weeks. Thank goodness for Airline miles or we’d never be able to do it. I’ve also got a trip to Vegas planned soon. Thank goodness I have THE BEST WIFE EVER! I definitely owe her one after that!

I hope you all have a good day.

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