No mention of Tiger Woods

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  • They were turning people away at the Ames High gym Friday night. Everyone wanted to see if the Metro’s best basketball team, Hoover, could push the #1 ranked Little Cyclones. Hoover did, taking a fourth quarter lead, but Ames pulled away at crunch time.
  • Harrison Barnes can take over a game anytime he wants. Credit Barnes for playing within the team concept. He’ll be better for it. So will North Carolina.
  • UNI is in the NCAA Tourney right now. Nice win over Old Dominion on national TV.
  • Plushenko needs to shut his hole. He lost.
  • The downhill skiing is nerve-wracking to watch. When someone falls, they don’t stop quickly. It’s a reminder how fast they’re going. Riveting.
  • Did you see Stephen Colbert climb into NBC’s fake fireplace? Funny.
  • What the crap, Ed. More snow? A lot more snow?! Will this winter ever end.
  • Shawn Johnson bobblehead night Saturday night at Bucs Arena. (No more “actual size” jokes.)
  • Did you see Andy Fales’ story on the guys in West Des Moines who made an outdoor Mancave of snow? Funny. And cool. Literally.
  • My wife and I rented Poltergeist to show to the older kids. I wonder if it will still be scary in 2010 or if it will seem lame now.
  • I can’t wait to see Shutter Island.
  • To quote the Black Eyed Peas, Imma be, Imma be, Imma be enjoying this weekend. Hope you be too.