Hockey vs. Ice Dancing, Shutter Island vs. Percy Jackson

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  • Nothing NBC has done during this Olympiad riled people up like not putting the USA vs. Canada hockey match on the mothership. The fans are right. Maybe NBC didn’t have to go wall-to-wall with it, but why not cut in from time-to-time. I realize research shows most viewers, particularly women, will not watch hockey, but if NBC had aggresively marketed and promoted the game, it could have worked. I’m sure after the United States upset there’s some second-guessing going on. (The game was the most watched sporting event in Canada’s history.)
  • Do you work with a Canadian? Did you notice he did not show up for work Monday.
  • I’m a casual hockey fan who’s learning to appreciate the sport more and more, thanks in no small part to high definition. We can finally see the puck. That made Sunday night’s decision worse for most of us because MSNBC is not in HD around these parts.
  • Al Michaels terrific feature on the 1980 Miracle on Ice team should have been shown in prime time Sunday, not at 4 p.m.
  • Ice Dancing… no shortage of ice dancing Monday night. The Americans did win silver on an otherwise off day for the dominant USA. The dude looked like Christopher Atkins in Blue Lagoon. And hey, Canada won gold! Does that make up for the hockey game?
  • Did you know the Marriage Ref is coming to NBC?
  • I saw Shutter Island over the weekend. Scorsese’s fingerprints are all over it, but it’s not Goodfellas mode, it’s more like Cape Fear. My wife expected “scary”, but it’s actually a creepy thriller with moody atmosphere, plot twists, and mind-bending dreams. You’re not sure if what you’re seeing is real. The ending begs for a second viewing. I’m in, barely, but I think once will be enough for some. Upgraded to B+ after having the movie pop into my mind several times.
  • Also took the kids to Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief. They loved it. I just kept remembering how much I hated Greek Mythology. B-