Jobs and Meds, U-S-A, and Testing the Water

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Good Morning!
Hope you had a good weekend.

To the news!
Jobs and Meds
Congress takes up talk of Healthcare reform and Job creation this week. We’ll see how it goes. it appears The President is trying to call (what some Democrats see as)Republican’s bluff. He’s inviting leadership from both parties to the White House to talk about how to get a Healthcare reform package passed. I wonder why this didn’t happen months ago. I think the public is ready to hear the best ideas of both sides and I’m not sure anyone really thinks the system we have now is sustainable. But as we’ve said here in the past, there are a lot of people who feel like significant medical malpractice reform has got to be a part of any Healthcare bill for it to make sense.
Jobs is the other big subject. There is a movement in Congress to extend Unemployment benefits again. More than a million people would lose benefits is they don’t extend past the 28th of Feb.
Who watched that hockey game last night? What a game! I had a feeling the US was going to give the Canadians a run for their money last night. They’ve looked pretty good so far in the games I’ve watched. Speaking of watching the game, it was on MSNBC, which I couldn’t believe! Then I read this article on Yahoo sports.
It makes sense. Women rule the advertising world and a variety of sports including Ice Dancing would be much more appealing to many viewers. Also it makes the good point that you want an uninterrupted Hockey coverage. As the article says, can you imagine breaking away from Hockey in the second period for an update on bobsledding? It wouldn’t work.
I just wish I had MSNBC in HD. Am I being shorted on the number of HD channels I get? Should I have MSNBC in HD if I have the basic HD package from Mediacom? It would seem like I should but I’m not sure.
Testing the water
Along with a visit from Grandma Liz and Aunti Katie this weekend we had our first swim class for the boys. We are normally a Circus getting around when we go out. Trying to get the boys into the pool, out of the pool, dried off, getting us dried off and dressed requires a plan and some patience. It worked and we did it.
Like all things we try the first time…we’ll get better at it. The highlight of the experience was that the boys seemed to like the water! Here are a couple pics from the weekend Birthday party and our first venture into the pool.
In Other News
-One of Michigan’s baseball teams put up an online poll to decide it’s newest menu item for this season. Look at these choices! Makes the fair look like a healthy living convention.

-The kid who played Richard Stabone (“Boner”) on the TV Show Growing pains is missing. No joke, he’s really missing.

-Had dinner Friday night at Mi Mexico in Clive. Great dinner, good service and really reasonable. I’m glad to see a restaurant survive in that location for more than six months.
Hope you all had a good weekend