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Culver Not Headed for D.C.

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This past Sunday on Channel 13’s “Insiders”, Republican analyst Doug Gross said his sources said Democrats in Washington, D.C. were trying to get Iowa Governor Chet Culver a job there, so he could step aside and not have to face a tough re-election this November. Today was the first day we had a chance to talk with Culver about the claim. When asked whether he was asked to step aside, Culver said, “Absolutely not.”

Some may question the validity of Gross’ claims. He used to work for Terry Branstad when he was governor and he is now a supporter of Branstad’s efforts to reclaim his old job.

Here’s video of Culver taking questions about a primary opponent, why his poll numbers are so low and whether Democrats want him out of office. If you don’t want to watch it all, fast forward about 2 minutes into it.