Ugly loss for UNI, Suzy stops by.

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  • Bad, ugly, head-scratching loss by UNI. Evansville is one of the worst teams in the country, and though I still think we’ll see the Panthers in the Big Dance, they played themselves back near the bubble, if not on it.
  • Wayne Morgan took in the Energy-Bighorns NBA D-League game Tuesday night. He had a good reason, his former guards at Iowa State, Curtis Stinson and Will Blalock guarded each other. No school hired Morgan after he was fired, which tells you a lot, but he remains the last men’s coach in Iowa to win a D1 NCAA tourney game. How crazy is that?
  • Energy won again, so Stinson has the upper hand over Blalock, 3-2.
  • Call me jingoistic, but I don’t want our newscast delayed an additional 10 minutes so we can hear the Canadian national anthem. 11 p.m. is late enough, but I’m happy to wait for 11:10 to see an American wear gold and hear the Star Spangled Banner, but that’s it. Oh Canada can wait for 11:35.
  • The Grand Blue Mile through the streets of Des Moines April 20th is yet another great idea from Drake Relays director Bryan Brown. He’s on a roll.
  • I interviewed Suzy Favor-Hamilton Tuesday. She is an all-time fan favorite at the Relays. Back when she was just Suzy Favor she was the subject of crushes all over the Midwest, including more than a few here in Iowa.
  • It was once thought human beings could not run the mile in under four minutes—their hearts would explode. Steve Scott, who was here with Suzy, has run more than 130 sub-4 minute miles. Amazing.
  • Happy birthday, Shawn Terrell.

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  • Anonymous

    In regards to Wayne Morgan it is not suprising he was let go way too early. The talent he assembled in a short time was staggering, you thin k ISU could use thses guards this year to go with their front line Farnal Degan (North Carolina State)Lawrence Westbrook (Minnesota)P'Allen Stinnett (Creighton). They gut could flat our recruit big time talent. After going to the NCAA Tournament and reaching the Final 4 of the NIT ISU has never recovered.

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