The Panthers remind me of…

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It’s Shawn…

The UNI basketball team reminds me of the Iowa football team.  The Panthers can play with anyone, yet anyone can play with them.  Like the Hawks, the Panthers usually do the little things, and find a way to win close games.  Maybe this is the year UNI finally makes it to the weekend at the NCAA tournament.

Kudos to Drake for the full-fledged sendoff for Josh Young and the rest of the Bulldogs seniors.  I don’t know what the waiting period is before a number can be retired, but #20 deserves to be in the rafters at the Knapp Center as soon as possible.

I had a great time meeting and interviewing Alison Lacey’s family on Friday.   The Lacey’s are from Canberra, Australia, which is 9095 miles from Ames.  The trip involves four connections and roughly 24 hours of flying time.  I get antsy just thinking about being on a plane that long.

Can the gold medal hockey game live up to the hype?  I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to park myself on the couch for three hours Sunday to find out.  It’s a good time to be a fair-weather hockey fan.

Talk to you again soon,