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Primary Candidate for Culver

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Saturday, former Des Moines school board member Jonathan Narcisse entered the race for governor. He plans on running against Democratic Governor Chet Culver in the June primary. He added that if he doesn’t win the primary, he will run as an Independent in November. Here’s something I have noticed from the coverage. In the stories about Narcisse’s candidacy, count the times you see the world “controversial” when the stories talk about Narcisse.

With Culver’s popularity falling in the 30-something percent in some polls, some Democrats have talked (mostly not for public attribution, I might add–well, other than Culver foe/former state rep./candidate for governor Ed Fallon) about whether someone else should run for their party. Iowa City council member (former mayor) Regenia Bailey told KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids she doesn’t plan on a primary challenge against Culver. I must confess this is the first I had heard of any possiblity of Bailey running this year. And it sounds like we don’t need to talk about it any longer based on what she told KCRG. Anyone else or can we quit talking about this?

The filing deadline, by the way, is March 19th.


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