Comparing Winter Cities

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Hi.. hope you enjoyed the melting yesterday…more to come today. We lost an inch of snow Monday. I expect another inch of snow loss today and maybe a couple inches tomorrow. I wish weight loss was as easy.

I checked out some of the snow totals for the region and country this winter. It is amazing how the snow has stacked up.

I also was surprised by the amount of snow that has fallen over the eastern areas of the U.S. It might make you feel a bit better about the loads of snow we had to move this year.

Regional Cities…

City Total Snow Average + or – Average % of Average

Des Moines 62.3″ 29.0″ +32.7″ 210%
Sioux Falls 56.6″ 29.0″ +27.6″ 190%
Chicago 52.4″ 30.4″ +22.0″ 172%
Minneapolis 40.7″ 42.3″ – 1.6″ 96%
Kansas City 35.5″ 16.9″ +18.8″ 213%

National Numbers…

City Total Snow Average + or – Average % of Average

Philadelphia 78.7″ 15.5″ +63.2″ 508%
Washington DC 56″ 13.6″ +42.4″ 412%
New York City 51.4″ 18.7″ +32.7″ 275%