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Culver in Iraq, Becker Murder Trial

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I’m getting ready to head over to Governor Chet Culver’s noon-time news conference at the Iowa statehouse on his trip to Iraq. Critics, including his new Democratic party challenger, Jonathan Narcisse, question why Culver went when he did…i.e., during the session, when so few Iowans are actually over in Iraq, why not later when 3,500 Iowa troops get deployed? We’ll hear how the Gov defends his move.

A few other random questions…

What did you think of the Mark Becker verdict? This morning a Butler County jury found Becker, the former Aplington-Parkersburg football player, guilty of first-degree murder death of his legendary coach, Ed Thomas. Becker’s defense argued for not guilty by reason of insanity. Jurors seemed to have a tough time coming to a unanimous decision. They started Wednesday. Is this a fair verdict? Do you think Becker is a killer? Insane? Both?

Did anybody you know get one of those Cash for Applicances coupons? I know of two friends who did. Although, I heard many others who failed to avoid the constant busy signals or server problems.

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