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Barnes & The Clones = Jordan & The Bulls

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  • You know who’s had a long week? Anyone dealing with this mess over at Southeast Polk High School. If you know a teacher, or an administrator, you know most—not all—most are in the business of education because they really want to see good things happen for kids. Well, bet the farm that at sportscentric Southeast Polk, no one wants Tony Sandquist to miss the state tournament, but a rule is a rule, and as long as it’s the rule, you have to uphold it. Sandquist will, and should, sit.
  • I understand why some Hoover parents and supporters think Southeast Polk should forfeit, but it’s not going to happen. It’s essentially a disciplinary suspension, not one of eligibility (grades, transfers, etc.).
  • Long before Southeast Polk plays Dowling Catholic, Ames will win its 51st straight game. That’s staggering. I don’t think anyone will come within 10 points of Ames. The Little Cyclones are good enough to make it to state without Harrison Barnes. To win it though, they’ll need him.
  • When Barnes and the Little Cyclones show up, it’s like a high school version of Michael Jordan and the Bulls in 90’s. They attract a crowd, and everyone wants a look.
  • NASCAR wasn’t kidding when it said it wants more aggresive driving. Carl Edwards is not suspended? That’s crazy, and I like Edwards. He was one of the nicest drivers at last year’s Nationwide race in Newton. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if Edwards didn’t intend for Brad Keselowski’s accident to be so scary and dangerous. When you intentionally wreck someone at 190 mph, you just don’t know what will happen. Now, drivers all know they have a green light to race rough. Could be good for ratings though, right?
  • T-O and Ochocinco on the same team? Could happen. That wouldn’t work, but it wouldn’t be dull either.
  • Hate to hear Twins closer Joe Nathan is likely out for the season. Twins fans deserve a contender in that sweet new stadium.
  • So much for the post-Olympic hockey bump. The NHL on NBC actually had a smaller audience this past weekend.
  • Watched “Sugar” last night on HBO. It’s the story of a pitcher from the Dominican Republic and his transition to America. Much of it takes place in Iowa (Quad City). Interesting, and makes you see players from other countries in a different light of adjustment. It also leaves the lasting impression that for every Sosa, there are 100,000 Sugars.
  • Somehow overlooked my favorite moment of the Oscars in Monday’s blog, the tribute to John Hughes and Brat Pack reunion. I was reminded how great those Hughes movies were in the 80s. Timeless. Kids today would even enjoy them.
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